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Highway Dodge-em's

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Sooty, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. On the way to work this morning, just hopped on the Bruce Highway [QLD] southbound and notice in the inside lane in front of me a 90's model Nissan Patrol moving around its lane like it's driver was heavily distracted with something.

    He goes right onto the inside shoulder and then corrects suddenly and appears to go back to what he was doing and then moves over towards the outside lane and sideswipes a EF/EL falcon's rear RHS quarter panel! This all occurred in front of me, I already had a decent gap after watching the antics of this person, but I was still on the brakes. Scary stuff first thing in the morning at 110kph, especially when this nutter was on the inside of me when I was merging on...

    Patrol goes back into its lane speeds up and finds a gap in the outside lane. Falcon speeds off after it thinking that it's doing a runner. Eventually I go past on the inside seeing as the Patrol is no longer driving like a idiot - nice big bullbar scrape in the side of the Falcon and a very angry driver. The Patrol driver's expression told me that he knew he was going to be put though the wringer.
  2. Yea I've seen than. Seen one car try to merge into another, only realises at the last minute and swerves away violently. The sad part is that the other car never even realised what was happening. Hows that for oblivious?
  3. Even better is a car in the far left and far right on a 3 lane road, almost colliding as they merge into the middle lane without EITHER head checking. Almost seen it happen 3 times, shame they eventually realised.
  4. I give 4WDs a lot of room. Not only are they usually driven by incompetants, but the size of the vehicles make the operators feel invincible. Prados are the worst; pretty much every time I've seen one, it's because it's just cut me off or tried to merge on top of me.
  5. I find Pajero's to be the worst in my neck of the woods, which is fitting. Since it means wanker and all in Spanish or something.
  6. pajero, a
    a sm/f
    1 ***, en sentido sexual tosser *** , wanker ***
    2 (CAm)
    * (=mentiroso) liar
    3 (CAm) (=fontanero) plumber
    b adj (CAm)
    * (=mentiroso) fibbing *

    heh, learn something new every day.

    Yeah, I've had plenty of runins with those wankers, too.

    I hold a special hatred for Range Rover drivers that have low profile tires on them, and drive them only around the city. Posers.


    Should require anyone who has one to only fit offroad tires. Not comfortable for tooling around city streets? Boo ****ing hoo. Buy a sedan.