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HighRanger have my money

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by morbosity, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. satisfactory outcome - thread served its purpose

    thanks to all

  2. that's not good seeing that they are Netrider Vendors

    Only slightly unrelated, I was lining up to buy a set of their two-piece leathers and when I was ready to buy, I logged on to their site and found that the two-piece leathers are no longer available......
  3. That's disappointing. I know the proprietor through a friend an he's a real nice guy. Might need to tighten up on his customer relations a bit.
  4. Atleast they did not take your money, That gives me some hope

    But i really do not do stress well. And highranger are making me sick](*,)

  5. Thanks for that .He may be a nice guy , but he lost a good customer .

    And i have been very patient by any mans standards.
  6. Fair call, too.
  7. I bought a pair of kevlar jeans off the guy in person, tbh they are a bit overpriced for the poor quality, but they are better than nothing when the Motolegions are in the wash.
  8. Poor quality :D,Thanks that really made my day ,If i don`t get them i wont have a pair of crappy pants

    For a nice guy it sure sounds like somebody should run him down With a BMW , but not while wearing his crappy gear
  9. Update

    looks like i be getting my money back ,via paypal ,i would have rather waited for a check

    3 weeks of my life wasted, But thanks to net rider its all good .And much like the X-files The truth is out their
  10. get hold of Takamii and buy Motorlegions, not only quality goods, but unbeatable customer service as far as I'm concerned..
  11. It happens that vendors run out of stock

    example i am out of size 32 and 34 at moment - and order came through yesterday

    so I let the gent know immediatly and offered a full refund via paypal or bank transfer or gave him the option to wait between 7 to 14 days

    he was gracious enough to accept my shortcomming and wait for them to arrive

    But I can understand how highranger may be out of stock

    sometimes there is a run on size/colour combo

    for example I had many pairs of 42 in stock for about 3 months then all of a sudden they all sold within 4 days
  12. that's a fair call, but in this case the level and quality of the communication seems to be as much of a problem as the lack of supply.....
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  13. I will have to nod you for that one hornet, I hope He does a little better for his future customers. Some bugs to sort out maybe?

    To be fair his communication was kind of acceptable ,After i made him aware of my existence .

    Spell check might not hurt either. Poor English does not inspire confidence

    Im over it , preparing this house for sale wash,paint , get rid of 50 years worth of stuff & tidy the yard. I got a bigger headache , just glad i don`t have another
  14. That's where I got my grey camo pants from but I went through Ebay. It was a smooth quick transaction, had pants within a week. Sorry to hear you having dramas.
  15. They probably run out of stock, and lack of communication is certainly a pain in the ass, nothing worse than playing phone tag/email tag with people.

    have you tried to ring them and ask for the owner/proprietor?

    having never heard of this outfit i am not sure on how they work.
  16. Camo pants are rediculous FFS,you're on a bike-not in the army.
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  17. I don't know, if they bring back national service at least he will have something to wear.
  18. If its red,he will be ok on Mars.
  19. I have bought off these guys and you get what you pay for, the cost is less than retail and the quality is good, (by overseas standards) I had an issue with the sizing in what I bought, a quick call and I was able to go to their outlet and exchange... I rode away a happy customer... Don't write them off just yet, even good sellers have bad days.
  20. You should keep your OP the original so other people reading this thread can understand what happened and make a decision about if they want to do business.

    Either that or just delete the thread, its a bit weird reading an angry thread with a chilled everything is all good op post.