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Highlighting Tyre Writing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tmg, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. OK, what I mean is, them cars you see drivin round with the writing (i.e - Bridgestone/Good-Year/Pireilli) highlighted white, while the rest of the non-essential stuff is left black.

    I've seen this done on a bike once, when I was about 7 or so, riding down the road one day and thought it looked wicked! Well, I would like to do the same thing, but what can I use to do it without it flaking off or coming off when it rains or what-not?

    Will Liquid Paper work? Should I get something from a hardware store to do it? I dunno, just wanted to see what would be the best thing to use.

    If this topic has been posted before, sorry...I did a search but nothing specific came up.
  2. most motorcycle store that sell lots of bling will sell a tyre pen (can get em in lots of different colours)

    so try your nearest m/c bling shop
  3. sweet. will have a look tomorrow. it just makes a bike look that much tougher.
  4. Yes use the paint pen from the auto shop, because liquid paper will flake off. Also before you start, it might help to scrub the lettering with a rag that has some soapy water on it, then rinse and dry.
  5. When you were 7 it probably 'was' wicked...............

    Not a fan. Only for monster trucks. :p
  6. Me & a mate did our Michelin Pilot power tyres with a white tyre pen. Makes the tyres look racey - for only the full race tyres have huge white lettering on them.
    We just did the 'Michelin'. You can go overboard but it becomes confusing with all the various fonts used on tyres nowadays - just stick to what's important.

    Need a steady hand & make sure you stay within the lines.