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Highett's Border Run 2013

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Like all good rides this one went pretty much to plan with an unplanned event on the return trip which could have ended up a lot worse than it did.

    I worked all day Wednesday, I planned to hit the road after work at 1800, ride to Nyah to meet a friend from Melbourne, slack off on Thursday, camp over night, Leave from Nyah on the Friday and do the Border Run - FR1200G.

    Both of us were completing a SS1600 as well which we executed nicely, paper work pending.

    I planned on having an attempt at a BB2500 on the way back, Tom was going to accompany me to Peterborough where he would turn of and head for home.

    We left the Border Village just before Midnight Saturday.

    We had fog and rain then just on daylight I ended up being ill on the side of the road for quite some time, something that I had eaten/drank at the Border Village before we left disagreed with me without going into detail I was not very well and it took its toll on me, After a unenjoyable period and some sleep on the side of the road we got going again.

    We stayed on the planned route and along the way we stopped at Davo's Memorial to pay respects.

    The ride through Horrocks Pass was enjoyable, at Peterborough Tom and I parted company and we both headed for home.

    Tom to Melbourne and me to Singleton.

    Time wise the BB2500 was possible but as I had used up most of my rest time being sick and in my weakened state I decide that I would let it go for another day, No point tempting fate...

    I camped Sunday night about 75 Kms before Wilcannia at Springs Creek,

    -31.72314 142.685453

    Nice spot and had a 11 hour rest then got going arriving home at 1820 Monday afternoon.

    Overall a good trip, no close encounters with any of our fury friends and no problems with the bike.

    Back to work on Tuesday, I would have like an extra day off but I struggled to get the leave for the trip as it was.

    Photos and video Gallery Links are below for those that would like to have a look.

    Ride Planning

    Wednesday 31 July - Map & Photos

    Thursday 1 August - Map & Photos

    Friday/Saturday 2/3 August - Map & Photos

    Sunday 4 August - Map & Photos

    Monday 5 August - Map & Photos


  2. Excellent. But just some stupid questions.

    What are FR1200G, SS1600 and BB2500
  3. B12mick,
    There are no stupid questions.

    Hope this explains it for you, links included if your interested to have a look at their respective sites.

    FR = FarRider


    FarRide - 1200kms in under 24 hrs with full documentation

    SS & BB are IBA Rides

    IBA - Iron Butt Association


    Saddle Sore - 1600 kms in under 24 hrs with full documentation (Certified Long distance ride)


    Bun Burner - 2500 kms in under 36hrs with full documentation (Certified Long distance ride)

  4. Damn, that's some serious riding.
  5. So who has "The Pudding" or is that a secret ?? ;)