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Highest mileage 180/55ZR17 ??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by gronk62, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. G'day All.

    Been lurkin' for about 6 months and decided to join.

    I've just finished a 3 n a bit year stint on a Harley Sportster (my second one) and just couldn't stand the physical beating that thing gave me on the goat tracks I ride on.
    So I traded it in on a low k second hand Honda 900 Hornet about 2 weeks ago and my beat up, arthritic old body is over the moon about the new found comfort!
    Its also nice to be back on a bike with great brakes, suspension, handling and power

    Anyway, I need to find out what the highest mileage rear tyre is?
    I used to get about 18000k's out of the rears on the Sporty and about 25000k's out of fronts but those things weren't radials and I know I can't expect that kinda mileage on the Hornet.

    Thanks n that :grin:
  2. Assuming you aren't caning it, and also assuming you have touring tyres and not soft sticky rubber.... probably somewhere between about 8000kms and 12000kms.
  3. Rarely caning it. Mostly sedate riding. And yes I assumed I would have to get touring tyres but my question is what brand gives the best mileage? :?:
  4. I got about 8,000km out of a Pirelli Diablo Strada recently, 6,000 of which were proper balls-to-the-wall caning - you might get a lot more. That's the most I've had out of any tyre in years. I think the Stradas are a great balance between good grip and long mileage.

    I'd tend to put a stickier front on, it's cheap insurance.
  5. I bought my CBR600 ('97) with Pilot Roads front and rear, I don't know how many kms they had done before I bought it. 16,000kms later they still have a fair bit of life in them. Yes, it's a 600 and I'm not the most extreme rider out there, but that's a fair few kms either way. They aren't the most sticky tires in the world but they have coped fine at the couple of ride courses I've done at the track.
  6. The new twin-compound Michelins might be what you're after, I think it's the Road 2CT.
  7. Meh, ride a twin and you will never see more than 5,500 km out of a rear tyre.

    Or take it to tassie do 2,500km, add a crash in amongst that, and your tyre needs replacing when you get home.

    As well as some tendons n stuff :(
  8. Yeah my Buell X1 used to eat rears. I only owned it for 11 months and went through 3 rears (from memory)

    Ouch! :?

    They sound promising. Thats the kinda mileage I'm after but I'd be pretty happy with 12,000k's.

    I agree with the sticky fronts. I can handle the back sliding a bit but not the front.

    Thanks all for the replies. I've got some starting points now

  9. lies.

    Rear I just replaced a few days ago lasted 3900, but I usually get to 5000
    to 5500 if I take it easy. How the hell you manage to clock 16000+ km's? action-smiley-001.
  10. The OE dunlop on my Buell wore out the quickest. It only lasted about 5,000 k's.
    I measure the tread depth regularly. I measured it before and after a 2 day ride to Bright which is about an 850km round trip from my joint.
    Most of the trip was casual riding on straightish country backroads.
    I lost 1.5 mm of tread depth in the centre of the tyre and there was no hard acceleration or braking. Just rolling along soakin' up the scenery.

    It used to take about 2500k's to use the same amount of tread on the rear fitted to my Sporty.