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Highest KW motorcycle engine i) Under 225cc ii) 226cc to 725cc iii) 726cc to 1,125cc iv)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Salad Cycle, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. 225cc : ?
    725cc : ?
    1125cc : Ninja H2R

    Anything you can legally register.

  2. H2r is not legal., it's the H2
  3. 225cc is probably some sort of ktm 200 2t
  4. Yeah that's right.

    That is really good 19KW with 129kg dry weight.
  5. Are you looking to buy a bike with high KW outage?
  6. If those numbers are for a KTM 200, two-stroke, they are nothing to write home about.

    Cagiva 125 Mito, or Raptor and Aprilia RS125 (two-strokes) get the same power (standard) from 125 ccs and are a bit lighter.

    May one ask what was the original intent of the OP?
  7. Are you referring to the KTM 200 exc ? They are only 99.5kg, even the old models are only 101kg.
  8. They are the brackets for ctp in NSW. So I assume that.

    Why you would base your bike buying decision on such an arbitrary category is anyone's guess.
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  9. Maybe an old Yamaha TZ700 ?

    You could probably get it on Historic Plates on the road. ;-)
  10. Those are really odd cut off points, I'd have thought that up to 250cc, up to 750cc and unlimited would make a hell of a lot more sense!
  11. Vert_C has already explained, they are cut-off points for NSW Green Slips.
  12. Yes, very very carefully chosen to put most popular bikes in one higher category than you would normally expect.
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  13. If you happen to be thinking about a new bike, and considering the BMW R1200RS and the Yammie Tracer, the lower cost of green slips is an additional benefit of the Yammie.
  14. Maximum power would have to go to "Madmax". 542hp & 610Nm torque. Although technically in development, I'm sure the original Y2K bike had similar power values. I don't think you can calculate the engine displacement though - its a Rolls Royce Turbine Engine.


    There is a great video on YouTube somewhere with Jay Leno riding the Y2K. A car stops behind him at a set of traffic lights and the exhaust heat starts melting the front of the car!