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Higher speed limits on highways proposed!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Jesus, there's hope that some common sense might prevail!!!


    The Federal Government will have to rely on minor party support in the Senate for its stimulus package after Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull said today the coalition would not support it.

    Road haulage and, to a lesser extent, rail were the major freight transport beneficiaries of the Federal Government's $42bn anti-recession spending initiative unveiled by prime minister Kevin Rudd yesterday.

    The government said it would provide a further $150m in 2008-09 to help the states and territories fund a backlog of maintenance projects on Australia's national highways.

    The funding will be conditional on states and territories signing up to the $22.3bn Nation Building Program for 2009-10 to 2013-14.

    "This funding will allow more projects to be undertaken that address the safety risks posed by sub-standard sections of road,†Mr Rudd said.

    “At the same time, it can promote the more efficient use of our road network by allowing higher speed limits in some cases or higher weight loadings, and by lowering vehicle operating costs," the government said.

    The government will allocate an additional $30m in 2008-09 and $60m in 2009-10 to extend the coverage of the Black Spot Program.

    This would deliver around 350 additional safety-improvement projects.

    The country road-rail interface will receive $50m in 2008-09 and $100m in 2009-10 to speed up the installation of around 200 sets of boom gates and other safety measures at high-risk rail crossings.

    Australian Trucking Association chairman Trevor Martyn said the road maintenance and safety measures in the plan delivered on some of the trucking industry's key road system concerns.

    “The Nation Building and Jobs Plan gets two thumbs up from the trucking industry,†Mr Martyn said.

    “The spending will improve safety, reduce truck operating costs and could also allow higher mass loadings on some parts of the road system.â€

    I will believe it when I see it however....
  2. autobahns ftw.
  3. no kidding hey. the trip between canberra and sydney is too slow at 110

    for such a spaced out continent our highways are pedestrian paced
  4. I suspect it's about raising limits from 100 to 110. After all, everyone knows that at over 110 kph on a freeway the stresses involved are just too great for the human body to bear. :roll:
  5. Ha ha ha, yes it's just the Germans and other europeans that are built for higher highway speeds, us Aussies are way to fragile!

    And yeah, totally agree Gixxer, that stretch of road could easily be 130km/h, you'd have less people dying at Lake George when they're suddently woken up by a series of turns.
  6. There are only very few roads that would be safe enough to go faster than 110kmh on. Our roads are just too crap!

    Joel has some work to do... :wink:
  7. Man a couple of long 130 km/h stretches would really make trips up and down the coast a lot more tolerable. Every road-worthy vehicle I've driven would do 130 km/h easily.
  8. GOGO M7!!!

    Such a sexy strip of expressway.
  9. Nowhere does it say anything about lifting the max speed limit to over 110. They are most likely talking about lifting speed limits that are lower up as others have stated.

    everyone knows that anything over 120 and your car spontaneously explodes and showers anyone near you with burning oil and petrol and causes them to crash and die.
  10. i believe that the point of the comment was that some roads currently have lower speed limits than they would if they were in better condition.

    no where does anyone say that the 110 FWY limits will be increased.
  11. I agree that they are almost certainly referring to improving roads of lesser speed so that they can go up to 100 or 110.

    I don't think we'll ever see an increased upper limit in Aus.
  12. Regardless of the highway limits, this is the first I've seen of governments talking about the raising of speed limits, rather than lowering them for the retards out there.
  13. 60>50>some areas 40.

    I do however agree with the decrease in high population areas like say Bondi beach, Manly beach and around shopping centers.

    The place to up the speed limit is "The Boulevarde" when your coming back from Cronulla from where it meets capt cook drive all the way down to the sutho turn off, wtf 60, its very annoying...
  14. Suely it's just those truck operators who are currently limited to 100 wanting their limit lifted to 110? (I think this applies in some states).
  15. What?!
    Are you insane??

    No beige cardigan could possibly stay on at such speeds.
  16. theres literally only a few corners on the federal and hume highway that you should need to drop below 130kmh.......so ive heard
  17. The freeway network in Aust is already designed to have traffic operate on it at 130 km/h quite safely.

    As for the raising of limits when a road's condition is improved? How about the dropping of the Black Spur to 80km/h? It is in the best condition it has been in for years.
  18. You could sit on 130kph from Canberra to Sydney perfectly safely. The surface condition of the Hume/Federal Hwy between Canberra and Sydney is one of the best I've seen in anywhere in the country.
  19. There's only a couple of spots on the Melbourne - Sydney Hume Freeway that would need a lower than 130 limit.

    You only need to look at NT where enforcing a 130km/h state limit (from no limit) has resulted in a sharp increase in road deaths & injuries.
  20. I wouldn't speak too soon. Look at the fatality data for the last 15-20 years for NT, and 75 fatalities is well within the statistical "noise" of their annual road toll.