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Higher everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by chickenmanic, May 19, 2015.

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    Higher everyone hows it going,

    Just got my Ls nearly two weeks ago at sandown racecourse in victoria and cant wait to finally get my own bike.

    Only thing is i see alot of the bikes on the market and still cant choose what i want haha.
    So with abit of help from the community ild like to get some feedback please.
    BTW im around 6"2 and 85kgs wanting to beef up to around 95 to 100kgs by the end of the year(im skinny:()

    but i dont think ill ride cruisers they just dont look natural to me if that makes sense but cafe racers do haha.

    ohh forgot to mention i have jumped on a few bikes so far and found that the hyosung gt650 is to small for me leg wise cause my thighs go to high up the tank (but i have heard you can adjust the pegs?),
    and the ninjas feel like theres too much space around them and i just dont know what to think about it, as it could just be im not used to bikes yet or yer so so far unless im corrected i dont think ill pick those.

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  2. welcome aboard :] best bet is to keep doing what you are and sit on as many as possible & ride the ones you like.

    take your time & don't discount the cruisers they're fun too
  3. Hi chickenmanicchickenmanic and welcome to NR. Sit on enough bikes and you'll know eventually what feels right or wrong. It does take a while, but be patient. You may even have to sit on them more than once and come back to something you might have discounted earlier.

    Good luck and let us know how you went!
  4. Welcome. you are in Melbourne so if you come along to Saturday Morning practice in Elwood and say hello you can talk to other LAMS bike owners. If you ask nicely they may even let you sit on the bike to see how it feels.
  5. Thanks guys.
    Ill give the cruisers a shot then but i think ild enjoy corners much more on the taller bikes but dont get me wrong i do enjoy the look of them alot everynow and then

    Cjvfr ill scan the forums and hopefully in a couple of weeks ill be able to join
  6. Howdy & Welcome to NR! Good luck in your bike hunt!
  7. G'day chickenmanic, welcome to the forum. The hunt for the right first bike can be seem a bit difficult at times - there are so many LAMS bikes to choose from but your height would narrow it down to what's most comfortable. Sitting on as many bikes as possible - like trying on as many helmets as possible - is the best way to find the right one.
  8. Welcome to NR - deciding between the hundreds of options is half the fun and don't think once you've picked one bike the window shopping ever stops!
  9. Hey, welcome to the site. I'm sure you'll find plenty of opinions on what'll suit you on here.
  10. Welcome to the bike universe and to NR..

    +1 to Saturday practice...
  11. If your legs are as long as mine(38inch inseam) anything like a minja, gs500 etc may upset your knees during more energetic or longer riding, my gs way too cramped. It's not the sort of thing a short test ride is particularly revealing of check out cycle-ergo.com
  12. Welcome,
    Another maniac to the fold.
    Good luck with your search.
  13. Interesting to hear your personal experience, Nihilil.

    I'm 6'6' tall with a 37" inseam, and although my bike is not as comfortable as it could be, I've done 500 km day rides without any significant discomfort. I'm no spring chicken, either.

    Everyone is different though, which is what makes the world interesting.

    I think my next bike will be an comfy upright adv tourer, so I'm not spruiking the GS500 as an ideal fit for tall blokes. Not by a long shot.
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  14. Quite. My knees have always given me trouble so it's unsurprising really.
  15. thanks everyone for the welcome so far.

    nihilil thanks for the website it isnt to bad at all for showing rough estimates and defintly shows i wont get a hyosung. found im around the same seam length measuring at least 3 foot.

    what do you ride mick.

    and so i jumped on a few and so far i like these are some im considering.
    Benelli 600 gts
    cf moto 650nk
    Daelim vjf250 (have not jumped on yet
    Honda cbr500r
    kawasaki er-6nl
    KTM rc/duke 390
    wanna see the laro 250 abit more need to find a dealer close by that sell them
    suzuki V strom
    Yamaha mt-07
  16. There is a LAMS version of the V-Strom but also non LAMS versions so check that before you buy. The KTM 390 is a lovely little bike, some recent reliability issues but the manufacturer has fixed under warranty as far as I know. The Chinese and lesser known Korean such as the Daelim don't have a good reputation for build quality, have a look when you sit on one. Any of teh Japanese manufacturers you can be reasonably trusting of their dealer network and build quality. If you do go for something else make sure you have a dealer/mechanic nearby that can service it. I see you are iin Melbourne so shouldn't be much problem there.

    Are you buying new or used?
  17. So far ive only been shown a full touring version of the strom and that looks to big so its a maybe anyway and ill definitely be paying attention to the lams aprooved sign Haha.

    Ive heard that benelli is chinese made but italian design and kinda the same with suzuki and kawasaki both being thai made but japanese designed

    And last thing ive mainly been looking at new bikes as its easier to go to the dealers and they dont seem to have many lams second hand bikes that ive seen but when i do see them i do look.

    The reason i dont want to look for second hand bikes private sales is because i dont want to go out and see the bike and instantly have to say sorry not my size or something rather (plus alot of privates ive seen are in northen, western and eastern areas i live in the south east part of metro makes it hard to set up times to work around 2 jobs)
  18. Benelli is an old Italian name of great pedigree. They are fully Chinese owned now days and their mid to small bikes are made in China. I have not heard if they are maintaining their production quality. The Japanese Thai produced bikes seem to be of consistent quality. They are fully owned by their parents and so quality is more strictly enforced. However entry level bikes are made to a price point and so you need to look at one and see.

    If you are buying a new bike then from a financial point of view you will be keeping it for a couple of years. Depreciation is most severe in the first year. LAMS bikes do tend to hold better value though.
  19. you can try chucking your stats into http://cycle-ergo.com/ with ya long legs, to get a vague idea of what may or may not work.
    not a substitute for actually sitting on, but may help rule some in or out