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Higher bars make me feel fine!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by mattb, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Have been experimenting with higher bars in the last couple of months and damn they feel fine! I used to have drag bars on the SR500. The bars I have on it now were inspired by some mid-century American bikes - the SR is good for getting that Brit bike in America look. I picked these bars in particular as they are similar to the one Brando has on his Triumph in the Wild One, noticeable in that opening shot as they ride down the highway.



    Here's my week-day commuter, the GR650. I tried these bars on the SR at first and they were very Fonda in Wild Angels, but I'm ultimately going for the 50s more than the 60s. These feel really cool on the GR (they also bend down so that my partner feels just right on the bike, which is actually hers)


    A nice set of cruiser bars on your bike really transform the ride! If I were to get a new bike it would be a hard choice between a Sportster and a Bonneville; you can get a sense from my SR of the direction you could take the Bonneville in - it could actually be a nice cruiser...
  2. Mine were put on for high speed cruising, and the twisties, They are extremely comfortable, and handle extremely well. My 650 Bonnie had 15 inch are hangers, Not many kept up with the Bonnie.