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Highbeams during daylight??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flylo, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. WTF is it with these people that use their highbeam during daylight hours??? I have spoken to a few people that 'think', using their highbeam during the day is "safer"....I cannot believe the mentality of these people.

    Most haven't been riding for too long, and have been told by other experienced riders that it's a good idea....and I have seen some, so called, 'experienced' riders doing the same.

    Hey!! I'm all for riding with a headlight on. I know, through experience, how it makes a difference. But....

    Seriously...Why do you think that, blinding some 80 year old lady in a Volvo would enhance your chances of her not pulling out in front of you???

    Not only does using your highbeam interfere with judging distances but, IT IS JUST PLAIN RUDE!!! Seriously people....

    Maybe these people should spend 10 to 12 hours on the road everyday (on a motorbike), and see what their opinion is after a few years....or decades???
  2. The single biggest problem with using highbeam during the daytime - it makes it very, very difficult for oncoming traffic to see your indicator.

    This is particularly relevent to making a right hand turn at a roundabout (especially if the bike also has tiny, tiny little aftermarket LED indicators).
  3. They do it because they are sick of hearing drivers tell them one of their lights is out.
  4. I rode with highbeams for all of 1.5 seconds yesterday. Accidentally flicked the switch when I went for the choke lever. But yes, I thought even that was rude.
  5. lol @ deadsy
  6. Maybe you should stop listening to the idiots in the tin tops.....unless you think they have the best advice....
  7. Just don't do it, all right?
  8. Doesn't riding/driving with lights on during the day have something to do with sun reflection and glare? Isn't that why a lot of cars will drive around with their headlights on, because it somehow reflects the sun's glare from other vehicles windscreens, allowing you to see better?
  9. I dont do it..if you are on high beam not only are you annoying other road users and the glare hides any chance of seeing your indicators. I'll flash the head light on the pass switch when overtaking though.
    When I first started riding there was a lot of debate about mandatory headlight rules being introduced. Everything was discussed and argued from wear and tear on batteries and globes to dazzling drivers as you approached head on.
    The only time I have given it thought was when the sun is low and behind me..would a silhouette be easier to see than a spot of light in the setting sun?...in the end it made no difference as our lights were wired permanently on and we learned to live with it and cagers still don't look.
  10. Highbeams on during the day is madness, & really quite selfish.
    I would almost go outa my way to give the said rider a piece of my mind if it was easily done.
    If your low beam globe is out than replace it ASAP as your bike is not fit for the road.
  11. Whilst I agree with highbeams being somewhat 'too bright' in daylight, isn't it funny how this is amongst one of the FIRST riding tips instilled in us all on the Learner's Riding Course ???
  12. I use high beams during the day when doing my best Ghost Rider impression on the freeway. I don't need to when riding normally, I ride a naked Triumph and have both headlights working bitches!
  13. It's OK at somewhere like the beach, but on the road it's just the wrong sort of distraction.
  14. Whats wrong with high beams during the day?
  15. Ever driven the car with someone behind you on a bike with high beams on?

    It's annoying, distracting and it pisses you off.

    As a bike rider do you think it's a good idea to be around annoyed, distracted or pissed off cage drivers?
  16. I'm confused. High beams don't help people see you, they just blind them. Anyone who drives a car knows this. Nor would high beams help a rider see any better during the day as it's normally light outside given the sun being up and everything.

    Why would anyone want to use high beams during day time?
  17. Ive seen some pretty piss-weak low beams on bikes.

    My old GSX250F with hi&lo on probably wasnt as bright as my blackbird with low beams only.
  18. I remember getting in a cab once at night and noticed the high beams were on after about 10 mins. I told the cabbie they were on thinking he'd accidently flicked them on and not noticed. He told me he prefers to drive like that because he can see better. I told him off and he flicked them off but I'm sure they went straight back on after I left.

    In built up areas high beams have one use and one use only and thats warning other riders/drivers about upcoming cops.
  19. Highbeam was not legal for use in a built up area unless as a pass light.

    Isnt what the cops get you for when you flash an oncoming person to tell them about a speed camera etc.

    I use a headlight modulator and have had a number of people move out of my way as they think it is a Cop bike. This is wired in to my Low beam but it was designed to be used in the High Beam.

    They are legal and included in the ADR's for Motorbikes only.
  20. :p If it's cold in the office, I have my high beams on. :p

    I catch my reflection in the window. Scary.