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Highbeam issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. I have noticed an issue with my highbeam.
    When on low i get a good coverage of the road but when I go to high beam the road coverage disappears and I just get the extended outer coverage of light.

    When I press the pass switch I keep the road coverage and get the extended coverage as well. So it works the way that normal HB should.

    I tried to pull the assembly off the handle bars but the bottom screw wouldn't budge and ended up getting stripped a bit.

    I don't know how well I have explained this and my net is crap at the moment so simple pics for the coverage

    low \_/

    pass \_\_/_/

    high \_| |_/
    I hope this makes sense. As I don't have photos of the light displays.

    Also What is the name for the assembly with all the light switches etc on it, just in case I break this one trying to get it off.

    I have checked the connections inside the headlight assembly and it's all fine.

    I think that the highbeam switch is disengaging the low beam somehow when it's on at it's a single switch between the 2 settings.

    Any ideas on what the issue could be and how to fix it
  2. The item you are talking about is a switch block.
    I'm not sure about your problem though. Maybe a bike mechanic who knows about electrics or an auto electrician who knows about bikes could help you out.
  3. The solution is to use low beam, then hold you pass button on when you want to see.

    No, not really, you'll probably fry some electronics if you do that!

    Your head light will need to be adjusted to give you a good balance between high & low beams (happy medium), try adjusting the light it self up & down until you're happy with both.
  4. I am pretty much at the point that I am happy with the location of the light and where I live / ride I don't have a great deal of a need for highbeam.

    Though a bit later I might use it as an excuse to do a handlebar mod like Quaterwit's.
    Or have a look at driving lights for highbeam
    Another option is it upgrade my headlight to something of better quality.
  5. its all to do with the reflector shape by the sounds of it.

    not much you can do there other than getting a different headlight unit.

    getting a better bulb might make some improvement in the short term.
  6. got the same prob on the vtr250 =/
    but the same situation i.e. don't need HB often
  7. Ive seen this on a few bikes including mine, its quite irritating, but completely normal. The globe(s) have 2 filaments, one for highbeam, one for low. When you have pass on it turns both on, but when you have highbeam on it only lights up the highbeam filament.

    I dont think that holding pass for long periods of time would be a good idea, the electronics are probably only made to cope with it for short periods of time.