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Featured SA High Vis' Vest in SA, do I have to wear it?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jozlyn, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Hubby and I are about to set off from Victoria to SA on a camping trip. I'm still on my L's. In Victoria I have to wear a high vis' vest while I'm on my L's, in SA learner's don't have to wear one. Does that mean I can take the hideous thing off when we cross the border, or do I have to leave it on because I have a Victorian Learners Permit? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

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  2. I believe the vest is a condition of your permit and so wherever you ride you are bound by those conditions. However you are unlikely to be booked by a SA traffic cops if you ditch it.
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  3. Thanks cjvfrcjvfr . Would you know if I have to do the reduced speed limit if we happen to venture into NSW? Only got a month left on the L's now, going to do the licence test in April, I can hardly wait.
  4. From what I've been able to find our due to my impending interstate trip, you have to abide by the laws of the state you are in. For example, I'll be going to Tas from Vic so I can ditch the hi-viz vest but can only do 80kph.

    Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. Surely the states can't expect you to follow 2 sets of rules (vest and lower speed limit).
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  5. Again it would depend on whether it is a general road law or (as with the vest) more of a licensing condition. But, either way, I doubt cops in SA would be too fussed about it, especially if you're anywhere near the border.

    If you stick to all the other road rules and be pleasant if they do pull you over, I don't see them having much reason to ticket you. At most you should get a warning (the first time, at least).
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  6. Cops in SA will laugh at the pathetic conditions you learners in VIC have to abide by
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  7. I actually think NSW is worse because they have the speed restriction, that's just dangerous! I remember from way back when, when I got my driver's L's, I was a bloody nuisance on the roads only being able to do 80kmph. The vest, I just hate, people notice me more and tend to stare at me when I'm OFF the bike, not on it, which is supposed to be the whole idea for the damned thing.
  8. The conditions of your permit are the criteria.

    A Victorian L is obliged to wear a hi vis vest (to various standards) at all times. However, the requirement only requires it to be visible, not on top of your jacket. A long tail sticking out under your jacket would be visible! Crossing the border does not require compliance with speed restrictions of interstate learner's permits, you are on a Victorian permit without speed restrictions.

    A NSW learner is required to limit their speed at all times. This applies interstate, and is a PITA on the Hume when trucks are suddenly swerving to change lanes as they nearly rear end a NSW L plater at 80kph. However, NSW Ls do not suddenly have to don a vest as they cross the Murray.

    Same for Tassie learners, they have to maintain their speed restrictions coming onto the North Island but don't have to don a vest. But Vic learners going to the South Island can ride at the posted speed limit.

    Complicated, ain't it?
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  9. So during my visit to Tassie next week, I need to wear my vest but can do posted speeds?
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  10. It is and it isn't lol, what you've written completely makes sense. Thank you very much :D