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High Vis Protest Ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Here is the footage from the Protest in melb CBD,

    Some may not like what i do in this video.

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  2. Did anyone get done for illegal use of the horn?

    Looks like a lot of fun though!
  3. Was anyone wearing hi-vis?
  4. your poor poor bike..
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  5. You're a total tool mate,and you prooved it on video.
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  6. whats up with revving the tits out of your bike and acting like a nob? what does this achieve? nothing..

    and your constant laughing pissed me off.
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  7. Looked like a 14 y/o having a sleep over----how excitement.

    This is the future-----groan
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  8. Bike horns sound so irritating. I get angry just hearing my own.

    I wouldn't worry about 'over reving' a 919 Hornet, as they can take a lot of pretty mean spirited abuse & still tick over nicely the morning after.

    although where & how you might over rev the bike is completely a different matter all together....
  9. Where's a Commodore with Chevy badges when you need one?

    The IRG must be so proud.
  10. sorry mate, but I can't see any value to the riding community in either the vid or the ride.......... glad you had fun though

    p.s. Next MotoGP, do the Barry Sheene run .... if riding with a couple of hundred bikes blows your tits, riding with over 800 will leave you with little damp happy spots.
  11. Can anyone, OP perhaps, explain how 200 dickheads revving the tits off their bikes and holding up traffic advances our cause?
    Honestly how do you think that appears to the general community?
    Oh and

    "Like fcuk yeah this is awesome dude I totally has a horn that like works and stuff, yippee hah hah wee, giggle fart."
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  12. Note to world: Please don't judge the wider motorcycling community based on the 'protest' actions of these knobbers. Thanks.
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  13. And that's precisely the reason I didn't make it (well, that and I am still waiting for my bike and don't live in Melbourne
  14. Such a shame - it's like taking a free kick in front of the goals, after the siren when you're a point down.
    And kicking out on the full...
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  15. #15 blackadder, Nov 1, 2012
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    Shesh, the bloke can rev his bike however he likes. It was a protest, it needs to be annoying.

    I had fun as well man. Love the big rides.

    Are you one of the blokes who sees a bike splitting and yells, "Look giving us all a bad name!!"?

    The 'protest' actions.. What protest actions?? Very well behaved crowd, no one did anything stupid. If you have a problem with the organization of the protest and speeches made that is a different issue. I admit the talks were flat and sounded like a 5 yo reasoning, "we shouldn't have hi-vis because because"
  16. Nope. I split everywhere I go. I just don't see how acting like pissed off 12 year olds helps further a dispute over something that is only a recommendation on a tiny piece of paper somewhere that no-one knows about.

    Protest by all means, but make it something meaningful and educational that spreads the message instead of pissing people off. 99% of the public would have had no idea what the hell was going on. All they would have seen is immature dickheads on 'those darned motormacycles' making a lot of noise.
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  17. Haters gonna hate... I'm with Blackadder. Cool vid dude.
    Damn, I should've gone, nobody let off a decent back fire!
  18. Its a protest rally not a farking art gallery opening, its supposed to be loud noisy and annoying (they all are). Honking your horn is complosry (what to people do every time they pass a bunch of blokes sitting outside a factory on strike). It appeared to be well organised with no one doing any thing over the top or any stupid sh1t and the OP was enjoying himself. it mite not be the most constructive way to get your point arcrooss but i bet its more than the majority of the respondants to this thread did on that day or any other (me included) when it comes to the issue of Hi Vis
  19. #19 nobby, Nov 3, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2012
    The teachers and nurses, now they had a protest, it was well organised, they had speakers who could actually hold a crowd, they also had guest speakers with credability plus leaders who know what the issues are.........they also had fantastic media coverage and Everybody knew on the day what the protest was about...........

    what we saw on the vid wasn't any of that.. .........

    what we saw in the pics was a small crowd with no great oration by anybody, there was even riders wearing HI - VIS for fcuk sake..

    what we saw on the media was non - existant!

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  20. This is the same guy that posted that video that made him look like an aggressive vigilante on ACA.