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High standard loan bikes.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fleabag, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys
    My bike was in the shop getting some things sorted so the guys at Metro Ducati were nice enough to give me a loan bike to get to work. See below.... :grin:
    My bike wasn't ready at the end of the day so they asked if I'd mind taking a different bike...well if I must.....
    I think they have set a new benchmark for loan bikes so don't settle for anything less.... :grin:

    So whats the best/worst loaner you have got from a dealer?

    :LOL: Stephan

  2. Its good to get a nice loaner.. When i have taken my Kwakas for servicing i have used the ZX10 demo bike... :twisted:

    But when i took my Boulevard, man i got something i dont even remember what it was, i know it was old and in rwc, but the brakes were terrible.. :LOL:
  3. Bloody 'ell!

    I've never been able to get a loaner at all!

    Can I loan your loaner off you? :grin:
  4. Thats amazing!

    I am happy when my mechanic lends me anything, usually a ER5 or Zephyr750, even a CB250 once,

    It beats walking, but next time I will be demanding something better!
  5. well, fcuk me!

    the best i've received was a short walk to the train station! :(
  6. I've had an ER5, a GS500 and once a CB250.

    Nothing like those 2 :)
  7. All I ever get is excuses as to why they wouldn't possibly be able to loan me anything that day :evil:
  8. Damn,

    i going to the wrong shops.....next service i gotta be alittle more pushie... :LOL:

    Ive only ever cabbed it home.....oh one time the mechanic picked the bike up from my house for the service, tune and mods.... :cool:

    but i still would of liked a loaner option... :wink:
  9. I haven't needed a loaner since getting off restrictions, but Metro have loaned me a CBR250, VTR250.. They offered me a Virago once, but I said I'd prefer to walk :LOL: . Hey, I dunno how you ride those things! One time they didn't have a registered 250 for me to take, so they drove me home :shock:

    When I've dragged other people along to Metro they've had their choice of any bike as long as it's registered.

    Oh, and... I don't know if they'd want me blabbing about this but, they let me test ride the 07 600RR for the whole day :shock: . Naturally I took it to Healesville :grin: ... and then *cough cough* decided to buy one a week later, which was NOT the plan :LOL:
  10. Holy fcuk.

    You lucky bastard getting that supermotard...envious :twisted:.
  11. All my dealer gave me was the runaround!.

    Oh, and the Sh*ts as well.
  12. wow where do u get ur bike serviced at?
    ive never had a loan bike when i got mine serviced :cry: :cry:
  13. Only needed a loaner once and it was a crappy, unlikely even roadworthy, GS500 or something similar, about 400yrs old, and rode like it. Lucky I was only going a couple of K's up the road.
  14. Hey Steph, thats very sweet stuf youve had there. I have to pay $20 to use a loan scooter ( 400 Burgman ) :shock: . Years ago K and J THomas gave me a SRV 250? , wouldnt give me the CBR 250 cause was worried I might smash it and it would cost more to repair. Did I smell some sexism?

  15. Best way to make sales is to get bums on seats... I think it's a smart move they have made.
  16. Metro are on Maroondah Hwy in Ringwood, Vic.

    Yes, well I had previously said that the new RR was too expensive and too tall for me. I ruled it out. I only test rode it to get a comparison for older models. But the test ride turned me around completely. It worked for them, dammit! :mad: :LOL:
  17. Have not had a loaner for any of the times that the bike has been in for servicing etc, from the big outlet that I got it from.

    Went down to the local small shop to ask a couple of questions about the bike, that I had, and they offered a loan bike anytime that it was brought, all I needed to do was let them know I needed one when booking the bike in.

    Guess where I am going next time.

    They are a KTM retailer as well, so fingers crossed that they have a Superduke, for a loaner, they were trying to talk me into buying one. Not that you would need much convincing :)
  18. I assume there's some sort of relationship between one's own bike and the loaner... I seriously doubt they're gonna lend me that hornee Hypermotard while they look at my 20 year old Suzuki. ;) Pity though.
  19. I think you are right, I notice the OP has a nice Monster already, so the loaners are in the same ballpark,

    I ride an old, cheap bike, my loaners match my ride....
  20. I think some reviews of the loaners is in order.