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High Speed Issue

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hyphen, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. its probably a really dumb question, but Im new to riding and I find that when I get above 80kph it feels like my head is lifting off LOL especially around the 110kph speed limit on WA roads.

    Sometimes it does get quite uncomfortable as it really puts pressure on my neck and shoulders. Does anyone else experience this or is it just me? Any suggestions or tips would be sweet!

    I love the long trips but hesitant to let my VTR loose! :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Do you have a screen on the vtr or none?

    I've got a completely naked vtr and it does get a bit "windy" at high speeds. You can just try to tuck into the bike a bit more and try and tilt your head downwards a bit (while still seeing the road) so the wind isn't trying to force it off.

    Either that or get one of these for wind free travelling :driver:
  3. Step 1. Put on motocross helmet.
    Step 2. Go for a highway run at 150+
    Step 3. Go back to your road helmet and realise you were whining about nothing. :LOL:

    Seriously though, just tilt your head forward a little and maybe even pull your helmet down at the front a bit, but not so it's on incorrectly. Gets rid of the lift a bit.
  4. I actually did something like this. I was off the bike for about a month and when I got back on it, highway speeds felt FAST! So, I found a straight stretch, wound the girl out, then backed off to 100 and it felt nice and SLOW again! :wink:

    I think different helmets have a lot to do with the "pulling your head off" feeling. Mine gets that way if I don't tuck at big speeds.
  5. Slouch more, the VTR is fine at all legal speeds :p. Admittedly if there are severe winds as well, then it starts to get really annoying.
  6. Fit helmet with correctly tightened strap. This will prevent it from lifting when the wind gets under it.
  7. tilt your head forwards/open the rear vents on the helmet..
  8. yeah sounds like your helmet is too big, i get the same problem, except at a dollar eighty plus. riding fast for the first time can be a little disconcerting, i remember the first time i opened to little VTR up to about 80 and thought i was gonna get blown off. relax in your seat, slouch a little, and you'll be fine. you'll get used to it quicker than you may think.
  9. tuck down some, u get a few more centws out of her too :p

    ive got a VTR too, i agree it can get a lil windy @ 100+, but just tuck into it, dont sit up like ur cruising at 50.

    maybe buy a screen?
  10. Maybe he has a big head

  11. I have a fine looking head thankyou very much :p

    Yeah I tend to sit upright a fair bit on the bike so I'll try slouching down a bit. My hubby told me to tilt my head forward a bit so Im gonna give that a try next time.

    I know it was a really dumb question but I just thought I'd ask LOL thanks everyone :grin:
  12. I know i don't ride a VTR but when i duck down low i get increased wind noise, presumably becasue of the turblance off the instruments.

    I posted a topic because it felt i was gonna fly off the back.


    Dunno if it will help, but i'm used to it now... i wanna go faster!
  13. sorry not taking the piss, im sure your head looks beautiful. Just a reply to the big helmet comment.
  14. Slow down if your a new rider!
  15. Some poorly designed cheaper helmets produce more lift. Quality helmets are designed not to create lift, as it is a recognised problem, and usually state this in the specifications / sales blurb.

    Perhaps it is your helmet?