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High speed filtering

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by force10x, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Sad :( Read this on facebook.
    R.I.P. fellow rider.

    Please ride safe folks.

    Lane filtering above 30KM/H is not only illegal but can also be dangerous.
    Seen a number of motorcyclist weave in and out of traffic at speeds of 80+
    Even in front of trucks. There is a reason why truckies leave that wide gap between them and vehicles in front of them. And its not for motorcyclists to weave in.

    Ride safe all.

    [Mod note: post was moved to a new thread as it was inappropriate within 2015 Victorian Motorcycle Fatalities, analysis/trends]
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  2. This is not the thread to give unqualified sanctimonious statements regarding the danger of filtering at over 30km/h. Research from the UK and California would disagree with you.

    Start a new thread if you wish to discuss high speed filtering and that objectionable term "weaving". Any further posts will be deleted - and that includes other riders wanting to respond to force10's post.

    At this stage, the "weaving" accusation in relation to this fatality is hearsay.

    RIP rider.
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  3. The above posts were taken from the Victorian rider fatality discussion/learning thread. That was NOT the thread to discuss this topic, however, the grandpoobah has seen fit to allow these posts to exist in a thread of their own.

    So please discuss the pros and cons, views and otherwise about "high speed filtering".
  4. Firstly what are we talking about re high speed? 40, 50, 60 - or 80-100 plus? And are we talking filtering or lane splitting?

    You take a hell of a chance filtering inbetween continuous sheets of metal at 100 IMO. Lane splitting between moving cars travelling on a highway at a slightly slower speed is one thing, and I'm sure most accomplished riders do or can do this with no problem, but actual "filtering" inbetween stationary traffic at speed is not a great idea. I think 30 is fairly arbitrary, and most riders would have a certain level of comfort at different speeds. But lets say 60 -70 - I reckon too fast between stopped traffic personally, particularly if the lines are not straight and the odd car is sticking into the gap. 40 - 50 may be ok, depends on the exact situation.
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  5. I'm confused. Are we talking about filtering (passing stationary or slow cars) - or splitting (passing through / inbetween fast cars)?
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    Good question. However, both can be done safely or dangerously, it's up to the rider.
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  7. I quite like the 30k rule, it's quick enough that you get through but slow enough that if something happens you can just about stop on the spot!
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    I'll jump in.

    I think setting a hard and fast rule for filtering speeds is in itself dangerous. I'm talking about filtering on the highway when the traffic is at a crawl.

    For instance, the law says I should filter <30kmhr. I find it much safer to filter on the highway at 40-ish. At 30, I'm constantly in and out of the traffic line as the speed of the cars increases and decreases. 40-45 is a sweet spot I find where I don't have to do that.

    Of course, some people will say that I shouldn't be filtering at all if the cars aren't slower than 30. Which is BS cause if a car is going 30, and I'm filtering at 30, I'm just riding next to it, not overtaking into safe zones. So in actual fact the cars around you need to be just about completely stopped, or moving slower than 20 to make filtering at 30 worthwhile on the highway.

    Filtering up to a set of lights? 30 is plenty IMO. I often creep up as the gaps aren't big enough.

    With all that said I used to only filter to the front of lights if I knew I could get to front before the lights change. These days I filter everywhere in order to maintain traffic flow. I tell myself I'm helping the cars.
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  9. The worst part about all these filtering threads is that these days my filtering skills are somewhat lacking. There's not much need around here.
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  10. Hard and fast rules HAVE to be set, because there has to be a legal boundary outside of which the action becomes more than dangerous, but an offence. 100kph is the open highway limit; thousands of cases could be brought to show that that limit is too low, but it has to be somewhere.....
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  11. Lucky stiff, I rode up to Sydney for a business meeting on Monday afternoon; every kilometre that the road took me AWAY from the place when the meeting was over was a relief.......
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  12. Wasn't always the case though was it. I can remember my parents complaining when the 100kmh limit was introduced.
  13. No problems with rules. Got a problem when those rules are created, changed, and manipulated in order to trap people up simply to make a few dollars.

    I have no doubt that if the government was unable to earn a single cent from traffic fines, that we'd have far more flexible and reasonable road regulations already in place.

    This is when the rules become counter productive and increase the risks in other areas. (Such as trying to overtake a car without breaking the speed limit taking an extended period on the wrong side of the road, or paying more attention to the speed one is traveling than what's happening outside in school zones).

    It would be nice if the courts took into account the 'Spirit' of the law or intention behind the rules instead of hard black and white when it comes to infringements.
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  14. Having a passenger open the right rear door 3 cars from a red light years ago. Went over the bars.
    Im quite cautious in built up traffic these days and stray walkers are a issue too.

    I'd feel much safe splitting/filtering in moving traffic.
  15. I'll keep it simple. I focus on the speed differential and would agree with the research that says if you are passing at less than 20km difference you can be doing it safely. But it depends on the circumstance, and the only place I'd be filtering at 60 would be on the Eastern Fwy where the lanes are super wide, there are lots of them, there are emergency lanes on both sides, and the traffic seems to travel at a steady pace just a bit slower. (y)
  16. Use judgment before pulling risky stunts and performing high speed filtering, weigh up the high risk and to the benefits (saving 5 seconds).
    In some cases high speed splitting can have moderate safety if both the rider and driver are expecting each other, know the risks and drive accordingly.

    High speed splitting requires a high level of control, confidence and power. The margin for error is tiny, limited places to go should something happen and small mistakes can have fatal repercussions.

    All it takes is one driver to loose concentration, swerve for an object, receive a gust of wind or pick up a mobile and your in a bad place with no escape. Also all it takes is for the rider to misjudge the width, panic, receive a puncture and your also in a bad place. I don't know the specifics of the crash the OP is referring to so I won't lay blame, however filtering between 2 trucks is not something to be considered lightly and the outcome is identical regardless of who screwed up.

    Consider these 2 clips which could have been very fatal.

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  17. Wow, good video examples there. Trucks need a great deal of respect. I try to keep thinking about them blowing a tyre, bouncing if not loaded, or getting pushed towards me by a sudden gust of wind.... all of which means I would tend to aim for a wider than normal safety margin when trucks are involved.
  18. Mate both those riders are idiots. The first one as his focus point seems to be 20m in front of him - terrible awareness. I would expect most bikers "weaving" that confidently to have a modicum of sense and road craft.
    The second case - well bad move period. Splitting 2 trucks....hmmm. And he didn't see the left hand truck closing in long before he braked. And no skid lid...
    I don't even like riding next to one, I'll move past rapidly instead.
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  19. Utter puss......

    You think this exemplifies splitting technique?
    Get your head read mate.

    I split - there I said it.
    I split in FWY or HWY traffic moving through a dynamic environment with 20kmph+ differential.
    I feel more in control doing this, not less.

    Splitting is a learned skill, like anything else.
    And, just like anything else - it's not for everybody.

    ::end of line
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  20. I split, therefore I am.
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