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High School Musical 3

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Faramir, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Help!!. Gabi (my partner's daughter) will force me to take her and her friend to see High School Musical 3. Both of them are 10 year old girls.

    I saw only parts of High Musical 1 on DVD. I couldn't cope with it.

    I haven't seen High School Musical 2 yet. Can I skip it? Can I bring ear plugs aznd cut out all that annoying singing?

    How come the scandals are more interesting than the movie itself?

    PS: I like Hannah Montana a lot more. If only teenager daughter and father relationships were as real as Disney protrays it. I wonder if Gabi or any girl will grow up to be like the screen version of Miley Stewart (yes I mean Miley Stewart, not Miley Cyrus.)
  2. You CAN duck out of it, but expect to pay far more than the cost of the tickets for a long time afterward :LOL:.
  3. Just remember the pics of vanessa hudgens that are on the net - and you will get through it!
  4. yeah there are a few decent pervs in the movies.

    I used to hate them but as young kids do they eventually wear down your resistance and you start to like the songs... now I can't believe I admitted to that lol

    I can even sing along to some of the songs... which sounds even worse
  5. Help!!! :eek:hno: Singing those songs!!!!!

    Yes I've seen the pics of Vanessa. It's only one pic.

    Ashley Tinsdale is only 26 or 27.

    Can I still get away with not seeing High School Musical 2???
  6. hahaha !!

    Ashley Tisdale is 23
    Vanessa Hudgens is 20