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High rise apartment bike parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. I've noticed that a lot of the newer high rise apartments do not have lock up garage. Usually there's a main roller door or boom gate to get into the "secure" parking area, but still the cars and bikes are out in the open.

    For those who live in such a building or have friends who do, do you push your bike into the elevator and park it inside your apartment? I think passenger lifts are usually rated 500kg, so load should not be a problem.
  2. that's why i'll never live in an apartment :)
  3. A friend in the UK has something better-described as a motorcycle 'kennel'; The bike is secured to a tray which can be rolled in/out of the kennel; the door is locked once the bike is inside the box. It's the width of a bike (plus clearance) and the height of a bike (plus clearance), rather than being designed for someone to walk around inside of it, etc like the above design.

    I'll ask him for a link after work, if you like?
  4. There are heaps of bikes in our apartment building. People just park them in car spaces, often nestled in beside or in front of their cars. It is still safer than leaving them on the street.
  5. I live in said style of unit complex...

    My first bike was stolen...:mad:
    They stole 4 bikes and broke into a dozen cars. Aint much woulda stopped them cos they were prepared.

    My second bike was attempted to be stolen, had to replace ignition.:?
    Piss weak theft attempt. Musta just been trying their luck.

    I installed a ground anchor. Cheap job, Hammer drilled some holes and cement bonded in some 12mm U shaped rod. Total cost about $30 in materials from Bunnings.
    (I'm an owner but Strata can't approve it and if i asked for a vote everyone else would be pricks and vote against, saying it'll encourage tenants to do it without approval, so I just did it; f*** em).

    3rd bike attempted to be stolen, had to replace ignition :roll:, they cut the anchor but couldnt get through Kryptonite New York chain.

    Installed beefier 20mm case hardened rod.
    ...waiting for next attempt.

    All 3 times I've been covered by insurance and have had the benefit of a rental car for 3 weeks while the claim was processed.
    Very little disruption to my life overall aside from paying out excess'

    Moral of story. Get full comp insurance. Ground anchor/chain might stop em once, but if they want it, they'll come prepared.
  6. Somebody would have to move our car before they could get to the bikes. It is a pain to get the bikes out, but it does mean I'm less worried about it getting stolen.
  7. harte... thought about moving, mate?
  8. I was at a shopping centre where they have B1 and B2 parking for the shoppers, B3 and B4 parking for residential high rise. There's a boom gate at the ramp leading to B3 and it requires a HID transponder thingy to raise it. But the gate cannot stop people from walking around it to get to the secure parking area, so I thought it's not so secure.

    Sure you can chain the bike to a pillar, but the bike being in an enclosed area that others can easily have access to and for extended period of time does not leave a comfort feeling, especially if your bike has upgraded components.
  9. Had bike covers stolen in ours once.... seriously, bike covers!!... ha.. fukerz!!!
  10. Well, they've tried again twice since then (25th Jun).
    Once only bent the keyhole but it still worked, but now this morning I've found my triple and ignition has been abused by a hacksaw. wonderful.

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  11. It saddens me to no end that boobytrapping it would be against the law.
  12. who says? i'd get an alarm , and hook it up to a nautilus. I am sure you could modify the nautilus to increase volume output.... how high before an eardrum pops?
  13. If your bike fits the lift your choice is obvious.

    Yes, I know people who have done this.
  14. Holly fark, how long were they hacksawing for unchallenged?

    My bike is inside a locked garage and has an alarm. Ground lock is next.

    I've lost count of the number of people who have ribbed me for fitting an alarm - *shakes head* I love my bike, sheesh.
  15. Posted before when someone was mentioning their bike being stolen from a secure car parking lot under their apartment, but a mate of mine had his bike stolen in sydney...
    He had it anchored to the ground inside a pretty well locked cage of a secure parking lot with a 24/7 guard on duty. The cage was broken into, the anchor was cut through with a saw, the alarm beaten, the immobiliser bypassed, and then calmly ridden out by the thief who waved politely to the guard who kindly opened the gate for him and waved back.
    The thief couldnt be seen doing his thing on the camera unless the guard happened to be watching at the time he broke into the cage, but the area was so well lit and more then a dozen people walked past and didnt even look :p.
  16. What's this "Nautilus" you speak of? Is that one of those 139dB air horns? I dunno about popping eardrums but at that close a range it would certainly be painful.
  17. A motivated criminal will get it if they must. Every obstacle though makes it harder for a crime of opportunity.
  18. you could buy a seat from the wrecker, and remove the locking equipment from under it, and sit this on it with some bluetack. First corner :eek:wned:
  19. Just don't set it off accidentally...