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High Police radar activity throughout the putty rd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by huzey, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Hey all.

    Just letting the people who ride the putty, that it's been plagued with Police and radar over the last few weeks.

    I only got my L's today(Newcastle) , and the instructor(Tony, real good bloke) kept mentioning the high police activity along this road.

    He said, three bikers got photographed doing 200 clicks, sent behind bars.

    Im not sure if this is true, but keep it in mind, because you all seem like great people. I don't want anyone getting fines or going to prison.

    ps - is this the right forum to post this in?
  2. Anyone doing 200 on the Putty is pushing the envelope anyway, and warnings like this have been percolating around for a while, so I guess they only have themselves to blame.....
  3. +1
  4. I didn't know that they could send people to jail for doing 200kph? :? :?
  5. Depends on how many other traffic violations they were carrying already..
  6. If people keep on disregarding the speed limits on the Putty, it will end up like the Old Rd where speed limit was reduced to 60kph from 80 on some of the sections because of over speeding.
  7. They will be charged with Speed Dangerous to the public or Drive Manner Dangerous. The penalty for each charge is 9 months in gaol (max).

    I have been charged twice for the above.....copped a 4 year ban.....and 2 year suspended. I considered myself lucky.

    They can also throw additional charges like wreckless endangerment etc at you...

    This can apply to anyone caught, but not limited to.....doing twice the posted limit.

    So if you are planning on doing 200km....you need to lose the plate....and be prepared to run.....or....pay for a track day like the rest of us.
  8. 45+ over the limit 'can' be classified as a criminal offense as opposed to a 'traffic' offense in nsw.
    with a criminal offense you can be jailed.

    its a very grey area and your driving history carries a lot of weight when it comes to sentencing.
  9. Where to start....

    You do 200 on a public road you deserve to go to gaol.

    Kanduli is right. The Old road has been pretty much ruined by the type of idiots who record their times and compete against each other. Not to mention the idiot who stunts on the Highway outside the Road Warriors. The more stupidity displayed on the Putty and the more accidents, the more likely the speed limits will be dropped and the higher the Police presence.

    Oh, and my favourite little gem...If you don't speed, you don't need to worry about the cops.
  10. This will no doubt cause shit but ....

    Where is this Putty rd and who wants to introduce me to it? :shock:
  11. Hey Deano

    The Putty Road runs from Windsor in north-western Sydney to Singleton at the bottom end of the Hunter Valley, NSW.


    It has a lot of up and down twisties in the first third of the road, some boring long flat bits in the middle third (and lots of kangaroos and wombats and livestock, etc) and then the famous 'Ten Mile' in the last third.

    The Ten Mile is just that; ten miles (16 kms) of windy road, tracking a river-bed. The surface is good, most of the corners are unique (including a couple of wikkid closing radius numbers), and the highest posted speed for any corner is 65kph.

    I learned to ride on that road in 1974 and it's long been a favourite. It's nothing like the Spur, but it IS good fun. Trouble is, it's nearly 160kms from Sydney by the time you come out of the Ten Mile, and the boys seem to think that police cars can't travel that far! BOING!! WRONG!!
  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaahh can you smell that?.......

    I smell a road trip :demon: :biker:
  13. Sounds to me like Sydney needs the equivalent of the Nurburgring.

    Nah. It's better to make money taxing basic human nature than it is to cater for it. Still, I reckon that the gov't could perhaps make even more money by taking advantage of basic human nature, opening up a well sealed and safe public race-track close to each major city, ban all vehicles over 2 tonnes from ever touching the bitumen, and hitting people up for $10/lap over, say, a 20km round trip.

    Nah, that'd never work in today's political climate. Far better to frustrate the crap out of everyone by dropping speed limits even more, and then sit on the side of the road and start snapping speed pictures.
  14. BS.

    The putty has a few extremely long straight sections, and is a very quiet road.

    There's at least 3 sections off the top of my head where you can easily crank it up all the way, with no risk to anyone.
  15. Except yourself. The government has to legislate for, and therefore the Police have to cater for, everyone including the solo rider doing warp factor 6 on a big straight stretch. Being on your own doesn't magically remove the relevance of road laws. The putty, of all places, is an uncontrolled environment as it is almost virgin, wooded scrub. Anything can pop out of the bush at any time. Just ask Haggis about Roos during bright daylight(and Marvin about lyrebirds :LOL: ). You can't control every factor and are only kidding yourself if you think you can. Like I said before. It is all about risk management. The harder you push, the worse the odds get.

    Oh, and remember that a few months ago three riders came to grief on the ten mile and their bikes burst into flames. It was a huge deal which shut the road down. The road surface is still damaged as I rode over the section last weekend. A firey at work reckons they probably had to rip a few bits of tarmac out once the bike debris had melted into the road surface due to the fire. It is now a hazard to other bikes as it is right on the line through a corner.
  16. Yep, but it ain't exactly pushing the envelope in a few of those sections to crank it all the way.
  17. It's not, as it isn't in many other places, but when you've seen every type of wildlife known to man, including 50 wild afghan hounds, as I have done, on the Putty, it DOES curb your enthusiasm.

    Plus, if you do fall off, expect to wait at least two hours for help to arrive. That might be too long, depending on your injuries.
  18. <flamesuit>
    people need to remember that when they fall off their bikes doing something stupid, they do affect other people regardless of whether anybody else is around. as pointed out prior, there is damage to the road, that costs money.
    also, when silly person is put in hospital etc. etc. it costs money.
    who pays for it (generally) we do.
    THAT is why it is OUR business if people ridiculously break the law.
  19. "no man lives unto himself, no man dies unto himself", the Old Book says, and we could paraphrase that to 'no man requires ambulances, skin grafts, orthopeadic surgeons and rehabilitaion unto himself'

    Wise words joel and anyone who wants to flame them is a selfish oaf
  20. DenMonkey and I did the Putty last Monday. We were a bit silly in that we left Wisemans Ferry at 3pm and were doing the 10 mile around 5.30pm in drizzling rain. Very scary. Crested one hill to find a fox in the middle of my lane picking at a very large wombat carcass. Not far out of Mt Thorley I had the biggest grey Kangaroo I've ever seen go bounding across the road about 200 metres in front of me. I'm glad we weren't "pushing the envelope".