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High performance

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here has gone to ADSL2 yet. I postponed a decent connection until the local exchange was upgraded last month.

    I'm getting a genuine throughput of over 8mbps (download) now.

    When I redo the cabling so I'm not using 3 lengths of phone cable strung together to get to the router it should improve even more. :LOL:

  2. I've been using adsl2+ at home for a while (year+). I love it for it's upload speed. I upload a lot of stuff for P2P for unix like minded people :)
  3. I have to wait till oct - nov for my area to get it....
    However the school I do work at on Tuesdays has recently upgraded to Fiber-Optical lines (24mb down i do believe)... And WOW... 12mb file took 15seconds, peaked at 1.37mb/s... :shock:
  4. heh, In the late 90s and stuff having 100mbit shell accounts in uni's in netherlands + other places of europe utwente.nl, hut.fi it was a common occurance to get files at 11-12meg/s so that 12 mb file would take 1 second :)

    Australia is so god damn behind the times, thanks to Telstra choking it :(
  5. That's not a particularly fair comparison to use Universities.
    Universities have far better access. The current development of VERN (Victorian Education and Research Network) will have 40Gb connections for Unis and CSIRO. I'm currently working on getting TAFEs access into VERN.

  6. How come?(If that was directed at my post) The speed the OP was mentioning was from a school he worked at so I was just comparing other educational places I have experienced. The comparison wasn't made to home access even though people overseas still can get 100mbit connections to home in some circumstances. And like I said, overall Australia sucks for home net use compared to most of the world whch can mostly hold Telstra to blame (and their choking of the overall bandwidth capacity due to pleasing stockholders by gaining a better profit due to the model they use)
  7. Optus cable. Seems to do the job ok.

  8. While I'm not disagreeing with you about the home stuff and your general comments about Telstra (and I've got some real horror stories about them too and their ability to be bastards), comparing a school with a university is still comparing apples with oranges. Most European schools didn't have those speeds then. Australian unis (mostly) did - for those staff and students who needed them. Personally I don't think 24mbps is particularly good for school use these days, but then I don't work in the schools area. :wink:


  9. Ahh, gotcha :) I guess me not working personally with schools since I actually went to school many years ago I just tend to put all educational places into the same bowl but 'm guessing with communications it is different. I used to use lucky and having access to uni (being a uni CS student) from '90+ and knew the internal Aussie speed was great but the choking at the international link was not so great :grin: AARNet was great back then, high speed and not that many people using it was great :)

    But back to local home speed question. It's great having adsl2+ but for the bloody quota restrictions Australia have. Having friends in UK laugh at how quota (huh? 20-30gb quota month? I download that and more each day, every day is what they always say). Is there any main reason you want adsl2+? And I never knew you was allowed to get the full adsl speed (around 8mbps) unless you were on a DSLAM that was adsl2+ enabled and you were on the plan? Who offers adsl @ full speed as opposed to the 512/1500k limits usually imposed? Could be everyone now these days, it's been a while since I checked out adsl home plans.
  10. I've got an ADSL2+ plan with tpg. While I'm getting good performance and it doesn't seem to be throttled at all - apart from my own crappy setup - hopefully fixed tonight. The quota is 18Gb shaped to 128k.

    You're right about the quota system, it sucks and I've yet to see any real rationale for it.
  11. Downloading from where?
  12. Rationale = you couldn't afford it. And if you think you can, then there's is plenty of 'net products available for you without quota's at appropriate prices.
  13. As I said - I don't see any rationale for the quotas that ISPs apply in this country. In the UK companies like Eclipse offer up to 8Mb unlimited for 10 pounds per month. Be* is offering ADSL2+ with unlimited dowloads for around 30 pounds. As others have stated here, 100Mb availability is available in many places.

    At the moment I'm personally unlikely to use 18Gb per month. The point is that I've had a long involvement with Broadband and Education - including online delivery and I can see how it is being stymied here. Some of the stuff I've seen that's been developed in this area could easily chew up that 18Gb. A few years ago Victoria was actually one of the world leaders in online training. Now, although it's still strong, unless the costs come down and the availability come up it's going to continue to fall behind in that area.
  14. considered it myself but seemingly pointless as the biggest quota plan i can get is 60gb/month and i can go through that in 5 days so i will stick with cable until true unlimited plans come about (that dont cost $300 pm plus)
  15. well I got my old work 2000/384 true unlimited download at $260/mo so <$300 plans are out there. And that was about a year ago we did that plan so probably cheaper plans now and this was business SLA as well.

    Front page says Unlimited data at $137, http://www.amityone.com.au/network/index.html