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High octane motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Z900, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Well after 2 visits to this store i have nothing but good experiances with Kon and john :grin: Its a new buisness in thomastown and i would encourage people in this area to give them a go if you have any mechanical issues or just want some tyres.Kazz had her front wheel bearings replaced today after dropping it of last night and picking it up tonight the total bill was $37.00 :grin: They seem like a couple of straight up guys and for those interested there dyno will be up and running soon.Kon worked at race replica for a while then after being coaxed to peter stevens decieded to do it for himself.Worth a try in my opinion :grin:


  2. I have a different story as to why he left but hey............
  3. i met one of them at the Hospital (northern) today, seems like a nice oenough guy, has a straight up attatude toward motorcycles and seems really genuine about his work. i think it was Kon,at least i hope he's the darker one. their customer tl1000r just pulled 108hp on the dyne he was telling me. they could have leaned it out and pulled bigr numbers but...oh well...relliabiliy over numbers.
  4. Well i just picked up my zx9 from a major service today and these guys are worth giving a go :grin:
  5. I am a newbie and I cannot say enough nice things about these guys. They are good at what they do and most importantly, you immediately get the feel that they are trustworthy people.

    Just serviced my Hyo GT250.. for a reasonable price too... but service and attitude was worth more than money....
  6. I guess you want someone who you can trust. At least then you know someone is not going to rip you off by creating problems to work on.
  7. They're picking up Zareena and Aquila tonight.

    :shock: They're picking up the bikes! That's not a misprint.

    Zareena is going in for some mech repairs, major service and final plastic surgery into fully fledged trackdom. She'll be there for up to 2 weeks I reckon.

    Aquila gets a major service plus braided brake lines... I should see her by the end of the week.

    They are picking them up. That's fcuking brilliant.
  8. yep thats one of the best things about high octane. the pickup and drop off service at a time that suits busy people. i hope they keep it up. i hated catching public transport with bike gear. now that's a thing of the past.
  9. Well, the bikes are off my hands. No riding for at least the rest of the week. :(

    I understand H.O. MC are backed up a bit at the moment... which doesn't surprise me. Hopefully Kon and his business doesn't fall victim to its own success. Good quality caring work will breed word of mouth success - and rightly so.

    Kon tells me that the dyno is up and the workshop is bigger than my whole house block! Sounds like a ripper. I'm looking forward to having a look in the near future.
  10. :)

    Aquila is back after having had the special Kon treatment... and the bike is pulling hard and running sweet.

    Kon gave me the lowdown on the bike service when he dropped the bike off. It's clear that the service invoice doesn't give the full story to the level of the service he provided.

    I'm happy. :)
  11. C'mon Vic, spill the beans ;)
  12. What for?

    I have a story not an opinion.

    Stories must have 2 sides and seeing that I haven't heard Kon's side, I won't bother adding any more to this post.
  13. You know you want to, otherwise you wouldn't have said:

  14. These guys give the best service I've experienced anywhere, doubled with genuine pricing. Everyone should check 'em out at least.
  15. I agree. I live nearby and popped in to check them out a few weeks ago - seemed like a good place so I went there with my mate. He's got a '77 z650 that needs some attention and I needed a few bits for my Ninja 250R...

    Very happy so far.

    They weren't afraid to tell us that certain parts we're better off to pick up elsewhere due to stupid prices for genuine parts etc. Gave me a good feeling that they'll be genuine and look after my bike.

    Will drop my bike off soon for a proper service/once over and new set of tyres.

    A little undecided on which tyres to run on the 250R though... anything gotta be better than the nearly bald 'Road Winner's' it came with.
  16. Popped into High Octane today after reading the reviews on this topic to see about an new exhaust for my CBR600RR. After a quick look around the shop, Kon came out from the back and was more than happy to stop what he was doing and give me a few different options, even involved him jumping on the computer and checking prices.
    Now that's true customer service and when im ready in the next month or so, i know ill be heading straight back there.
    Nice work!!!