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High Octane Motorcycle Trailer stolen from Thomastown

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by evader, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. *Just posting this as I saw it on Facebook...*

    Hey everyone, the famous High Octane Motorcycle trailer was stolen from outside the shop the other night. If anyone see's it out and about (and its a pretty distinctive 5 channel trailer), grab a rego number and do let us know whos towing it around. Thank you, J&K

    Give the guys a call on 1300 OCTANE or 0433 OCTANE
  2. Who ever the f'cktard was that did that better be in a different state by now. J & K will have every pair of motorcycling eyes on the lookout...
  3. The bastard probably already is unfortunately...and already got the spray gun out.
    Hopefully he'll jack-knife into a tree.
  4. Probably already gone and repainted by now...bastards!
    Maybe they'll jack-knife into a tree while towing it...a little poetic justice..
  5. Will be watching for it. Those guys really don't deserve this crap. Such good blokes.