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"High Octane" Good Bike Shop Thomastown Vic area

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by divvy1, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Hi all Netriders, just relocated from the east of Melbourne to the west and in need of parts for my '02 Xj900.
    Called into "High Octane Motorcycles" @ 372 Settlement Rd Thomastown Victoria.
    Long story short, I left with my extensive list packed in the panniers and so pleasantly surprised with the friendly service and helpful assistance I received from John. It's a business run by two brothers, that seem to carry a huge range of spares and essentials for all makes and models and delivered with that old fashion, family service. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble, from an explanation of oil quality and grades to a personal tyre check and advise. It might be that difference between dealing with the owner and dealing with a shop manager. (the owner - gives that little bit more, including a discount when asked for.) Very refreshing and successful shopping. Thanks John and Kon. Divvy1.

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  2. Yes High Octane seems to consistently get good raps from customers.
  3. Yep, keep hearing good things.
  4. +1 High Octane, he's a champ
  5. Ditto. Kon and John - passionate motorcycle dudes.
  6. These guys seems to have a work shop in Sunbury aswell. Might be worth a go for next service.
  7. They sold Sunbury, moved the dyno and workshop to Thomastown. Very neat workshop what I saw.
  8. ah ok, thats a shame... Off to thomastown i guess lol
  9. Take the Wildwood road and make a positive of it. :)
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  10. I have the pleasure of taking wildwood road every day as i live in sunbury :)
  11. There's one dog leg that gives me the bloody willies when heading northerly on that road - it's the goat track part of the road that bends right threatening to catapult the rider off into the fields.


    Then there's the turn onto the bridge that has seen more than one rider come a cropper...