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High-mileage tyre

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mattb, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Can anybody recommend a high-mileage touring tyre to fit my '78 SR rear. When I ride to my Mum's I do about 500km a day, with much of that on straight roads. The Dunlop K70 needs replacing after only 3,500km!

    Size: 4.00-18.


  2. Old style Avon Roadrunners give good mileage and have no real vices, although they're not the last word in grip on lighter bikes which don't get them hot unless you're going like a looney. They tend to be expensive in Oz too. I used to find that Michelin Macadams lasted well on my much heavier and more powerful K100 too, so whatever the current equivalent is should be OK on the SR. Again, no nasty surprises, just a decent, predictable tyre. 110/90-18 should do the job.
  3. The metzler ME88 gave me good service on my old GR650. I don't know how much they cost or even if Metzler still make the ME88.
  4. Thanks guys. I like the description of the ME88 (still on the catalogue). It's size is 120/90 18 - would that fit ok do you reckon?
  5. Probably. Critical issues are rim width and chain clearance. Mudguard clearance counts as well, but isn't often the limiting factor. a 120/90 is roughly the equivalent of a 4.50, which isn't much of a step up, so, unless the SR's chain clearance is particularly tight, I wouldn't anticipate a problem. See if you can find a bike with a 120/90 on it and measure across the widest point. Bit difficult these days, now that late 70s and early 80s Japs aren't common as everyday hacks.

    The rim width should be stamped/cast into it somewhere, or will be listed in the manual. The chart I've got shows 4.00 and 120/90 tyres as requiring the same rim widths (2.15/2.50/2.75/3.00) so you should be good to go.
  6. I assume it's an SR500 you have. In which case Metzler recommend a Lasertec which comes in a 4.00-18
  7. Hear great reports about Metzlers from a owner of a bike shop that uses these on his own Hayabusa..
  8. Well the question has been answered: I was out engaging in a rare activity of mine - washing my bike - and fretting about money and the fact I need a new tyre for the rear, considering some used eBay options, when I glance at my sidecar chassis and notice it has a Metzler ME77. Funny, I think, a shame that while its an 18", it's off an XS something with a 3.5 dimension. Then I go for a closer look and blow me down if it isn't an 18-4.00! With close to 100% grip, and the added bonus that it's been out hardening up in the weather for a couple of years. Problem solved! (except that now I have to mount the biatch! The worst job in the world!)
  9. Try lots and lots of cheap talcum powder. It's a tip I heard years ago but only got around to trying recently. Worked like a charm and, obviously, a whole lot less slimy than the old standby of washing up liquid.
  10. Good tip on the powder. Meanwhile, I'm running Metzeler Lazertecs both front and rear on the GSX-1100EF. Its had some pretty reasonable riding and they've held up very well - superb feel and grip, plus they're not dear ($200 130/80-18 rear).

    Also ran an ME88 on the rear in 120/90-18. It felt very skatey and strung out, but I'd put that down to the fact that it was over 6 years old when I fitted it, and too narrow for the rim. You may want to think twice about fitting that ME77 if its over say 3 years old.

    Cheers - boingk