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High mileage on a honda CBR600 (or is it?)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Owls71, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. looking for thoughts on a 2006 Honda CBR600RR with just over 70k on the clock.

    first - is this high mileage for a bike of this age? (I'm told its been used as a commuter)
    second - my thought process is that if its been well maintained then the high mileage shouldn't factor so much.

    I know you get what you pay for and accept high mileage if I'm after a low price, I'm just wondering how long these engines will go for?

    I'm only looking to spend under $4.5k as I'm just buying my daughter a CB125 for her 18th this weekend (she'll be getting a new bike, but I'm happy to have an older bike for now)

    welcome all thoughts and advice
  2. It is a little over the average, Rule of thumb is 7 - 8k/yr. They were a pretty reliable bike though as far as I can remember with no major problems. Does it have a service history is the main thing?
  3. will check into that cheers
  4. I wouldn't buy it unless it was a lot cheaper. Your better off spending abit more for one with half the klms
  5. For this one I'm thinking $4k. if I can get it for that I'd be tempted.
    for one with half the k's they're asking $5.9k (poss get it for $5.5k but it's having that extra $1.5k!!) trying to avoid finance options and $4k I can just pay cash. and then I'm back on the road :)
  6. 70k on the clock...

    You may need to... Service the engine and double check everything works fine.
    Service the forks, shock maybe, brake discs etc.

    If you'll calculate the cost if labour and parts and it will be reasonable in comparison to the more expensive bike then go for it.

    But you can guess and look at the sky all day long...

    You really need to go and inspect the bike to estimate it.
    Look at what needs to be replaced, major components especially.

    Also as cjvfr said - service history is important to know. If it had been serviced properly (every 6000 km I think) then chances are you'll be fine.
  7. It's a Honda the engine will be fine. It's the suspension you have to worry about. If that's stuffed that's the $1500 difference just there if you need someone else to do the work
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  8. cheers guys
    I will certainly take on board your advice. shocks I will defo check them over. have a mate who used to be mechanic and been riding for 25 years so he can look at that with me.
    will look at all the usual bit n pieces if I decide to go and check it out, tally it up and see what I'm faced with. also once I have a bike I can always get bits done each month to cushion the $$$$
    it's having comfort in the engine that's my biggest concern.
  9. I have got 70,000 on my 2010 Daytona from new, I know the service history and I know the problems that could arise
    I am keeping it
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  10. I have seen a few for sale with over 100k. More than the other 600cc of the other brands. Though Honda does sell a lot new so maybe there's just that.
  11. The engine will be fine if it's been taken care of. Don't buy into the old "it's a Honda it will last forever" maybe a simple lawn mower engine used once a week for half the year will last forever with little or no maintenance. But a highly strung I4 will need routine maintenance even if it is a Honda. If she's been looked after it will be all good.
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  12. I know of one with over 200,000km on it and still going strong, even if it does look like a bag of offal.
    Agree with above, it probably won't be the engine, it'll be the suspension, brakes, sprockets, and bearings that you'll need to check and factor in.
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  13. cheers for help so far guys. just spoke with owner and looking at taking a look a week on Sunday. was asking about petrol tank and he said its plastic so no dents. is that the norm for CBR's? he said its a cover me the tank is plastic!
  14. That's the air box cover.
  15. yeah that what I thought. when he said tank has plastic cover I was wondering if it's an after market cover (there's plenty of them on eBay)
  16. ha basejump, if I could get that one for $4k I'd be well happy lol!!
    lovely looking bike but I'm maxing at $4k now left for my bike (don't want to take on finance) as im buying my daughters new CB125 on Saturday for her 18th.
    might have to go for something different for now. can't wait to get back on a bike as I have a 2 hour commute through the city at the mo each way and the bike will slash that right down
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  17. I bought a 55000km CBR600rr 2008 for $4k. Unregoed ($500 for rego green n blue slip) no exhaust ($200 ebay) and bald tyres ($100 second hand pilot 2s), no rear brakes ($50). Now for under $5k I have a very nice well sorted ride that will last me a while :) I love it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Do it
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  18. have picked up a slightly older CBR600 with a few less K's than the other bike I was looking at.
    very happy with it.
    wanted a CBR600 since I was a teenager and now (a few years later) I finally have one.
    I'm like a kid in a sweet shop :) :) :)
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