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High K's Gs500 v Low k's older across

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Banga, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Now these are the two bikes that I'm looking towards at the moment.
    I have searched and looked through a few topics relating to high k bikes and have found the majority opinion is that it does not matter if the bike is regularly serviced.
    Now the GS500 i am looking at has around 70000kms on the clock I am going to look at the bike this week hopefully. I beleive its an 03 model. I will find out more about the history when i check the bike out, but from the chat i dnt think he knows much about the history. For this bike will resale even be a possibility and wat kind of cash should i be looking to pay on this?

    The other bike i am looking at is the across which is older but has many less k's. I will be doing highway riding but not necessarily a great deal.

    What is your opinion on the better option here?


  2. I paid $2500 for a '93 GS500E with 37000km on the clock, if that's any indication. I test rode an Across beforehand which was in pretty ordinary nick, felt like I had to wring it's neck all the time, but i'm a big bloke. Fairing might be a help on the Across but I found that on the GS wind blast wasn't an issue until about 130km/h.

  3. The Across is a big bag of poo. It's one saving grace is the amount of beer the handbag will fit in it. I'm writing this from the opinion of someone who doesn't like having to practically bounce it off the reve limiter to get it moving. There is zero torque, bugger all acceleration and no top end to speak off. The idea of having to make so much noise for so little return is unappealing to say the least.

    The GS500 is a well sorted simple bike that will get you through the learning stages and beyond with much more fun than the aforemention poo above.

    Don't rush your purchase, it'll only piss you off in the long run.
  4. LOL, cheers Deyago and Mitch,

    Well the gs500 just sold so :( damn.
    Oh well got 2 keep looking.

    Curious as my budget is not huge say $3k max until i sell sum of my old goods Wat bike would be better?

    I have searched frantically, and the consensus on the previous threads seems to cum down to VTR, GPX and zzr which are a bit out of my price range at present.

    Also i should add that the bike will only be kept by me for a limited period of time.
    This is because i aim to clear my debt and purchase a new suzuki650f, but probly not till early next year though so i need a bridging bike; if that makes any sense what so ever (Also dad needs it 4 provisional test).
  5. I'd say don't look for anything specific - for that price look within the price range first. You might find something you wouldn't have expected.

    When you spot something come back here and ask - there's always someone who can tell you what to look for on any specific model.
  6. Very good advice there!

    Just keep an eye out, if there is something you think might be okay, do some research and go for a ride.
  7. I agree with TonyE. There are a few Chinese bikes, that while not top quality, come into that price range. If longevity is not the issue then perhaps look in that sector. They managed to pass ADR rules so they can't be total rubbish....?
  8. Don't forget the Spada - awesome bike for the money.
  9. Thanks guys,
    No probs will keep an open mind.
    I will search up more on the Chinese bikes.
    Only prob with these things are the fact that i will loose considerable resale value on these, where as with a 2nd hand decent bike i can sell with less of a loss i'd think.

    I may be off my restrictions b4 the i sell the bike too, so i do need a bike that can do some hwy mileage not huge hauls but some k's.

    I have test rode 3 Suzuki across's so far, and haven't minded the feel of them, in saying that all i can compare them too is my riding on a hyogt650 and a ct110. However i haven't tried to give them anything yet as haven't really had the area to do it.

    Now there are a couple of other bikes popping up, for example a Honda cbf250, however reading about them on this forum has given me the impression to steer clear for any distance riding.

    The spada's are in the price range, are they suitable for highway riding and what should i look for here?

    So many questions lol, but in regards to the Chinese bikes any recommendations?

    Thanks guys :)
  10. A Spada will sit on a freeway (no worse than any other naked multi cyl 250), with no fairing it's pretty busy compared to an Across or faired GS though.

    none of the chinese bikes i know of would be any more comfortable on the freeway than a cbf250, ie they are gutless (<20hp) and at 100+kph they are pretty close to their top speed, and have little margin left for overtaking etc.

    Ride lots of bikes if you can, if freeway riding is actually important and you are going to spent alot of time doing it, larger capacity bikes will be more comfortable doing it than 250s.

    Comparing the GS to an Across is kinda like chalk and cheese, one is "cbr250 like" high strung, the other is a low tech plodder (faster everywhere that counts though, simply by virtue of capacity).
  11. Another thing to add is that the larger capacity bikes for learners are not (for the most part) sports orientated; that is, they are considered 'de-tuned', which usually does wonders for longevity, reliability and unkillability, while still being quite fast for a learner.

    YOU need to make the call, test ride heaps of different ones so that you can choose what's best. You can buy a lot of bike for 3k max, you just need a bit of knowledge (which this site is teeming with).

  12. Thanks for you help with the bike guys, thought 'd let you know that i purchased mine today and rode it home. Loved every second of it!!! Been a while since i have ridden a bike that will get me anywhere since I've had a postie for a few months lol.

    Ok here is the few bike that i rode before i bought mine:

    3x gsx250f
    there was also one more however i cant remember the model number or name.

    I might sound a bit dumb saying this but i felt the across was the best of the lot and had the best feel to it, and the condition was good too, and in regards to power it seems ok for me. I guess this probably has something to do with the fact that i haven't had enuf to compare it too lol.
    One annoying thing is that my helmet don't fit in the compartment lol.

    Anyways thanks for everybody's help.


  13. Theres nothing worng with an across as a commuter.

    I used to sit between 100-140k down the freeway all the time and scrape my boot on the hills on weekend. The storage kicks ass, only downside is the little tank so a poor range. Otherwise they are a good 250 commuter.
  14. i paid $3600 for an 05' gpx250r with less than 20,000 kms

    if you can spread ur budget a little more, you could get a alot younger bike, with alot less kms

    i personally wouldnt touch a bike with 70,000kms
  15. Cheers sparz,
    Didn't end up going for that bike it sold b4 i got a chance to look at it.
    ended up buying an across with just under 30k's, and didn't rip my budget either.
  16. Have a look at some of the old Suzuki 250 Bandits, quite torquey for 250 and fairly large for a 250 as well.

    You can find them in serviceable nick for around $2500-$3000.