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High kms on used bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dnom, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hey all. I've been looking (VIC) for a Honda VTR 250 around the $3000 mark for a while now. Plenty out there, but they've all got a fair amount of kms on the clock, 45k+. I know regular servicing and generally looking after the bike plays a big part, but in all honesty, how much of an issue is high kms like that going to be? Kinda restricted by $$ at this point, and since my brother needs his car back, I'm without transport, so I'm trying to find the right bike reletively fast :s


  2. Unless you know the full history of the bike, and it's previous owners, it's always a gamble.

    It could have been thrashed, or had one careful old lady rider, than only rode on weekends....
  3. guy on here is selling a red one down east gippsland way, uncertain of kms but asking about 3700 i think, looks clean, check bike for sales
  4. Ah cool, just saw that. Thought it was a bit outta my price range, but looking at how much rego is these days... I can't believe it costs so much just to put a vehicle on the damn road. Also, y'reckon 3 1/2 hours is a good first ride? Be about that far gettin' it back this side of town.
  5. rego is about 570 on mine yep farken robbery, reckon you should ring the guy, ask for best price after you get history run down etc, and see if his bottom offer includes him delivering it to sunny melb!!?? i picked up my first bike on a trailer from daylesford, it was like brand spankers how clean it was.. same color too!! service history is very important!!
  6. If it has a good service history and a knowledgeable person / mechanic checks it over you should be fine.
  7. the vtr are a great learner bike basic and practical
  8. Thanks goddie, reckon I will ask about a drop off, not sure of my ability at this stage (seeing as I've never rode before :p )
  9. if you havent ridden before do not attempt freeway speeds!!
  10. ask and tell him you'll get back to him, east gippsland is a fair hike but he might ride it in for you or trailer it..but price needs to come down
  11. Y'reckon $3750 is a bit steep? I mean, thats with 7months rego, rwc and possibly delivery aswell.
  12. Short of crashing it, it would be hard to break a VTR250 with regular servicing in 45,000km. You're looking at the lower end of bike prices so all of them are likely to be higher km but with regular oil changes they should be fine.

    The Honda CB 250 is slower than the VTR but they are even more bullet proof. I'd be surprised if anything short of a nuclear bomb could damage one. Being a bit slower than a VTR means they will also be a bit cheaper and thus probably better condition/km for the same price. They don't have the same cool factor but I rode one for many years, abused the hell out of it and it never let me down. As a solid commuter and learner friendly bike they can't be faulted. Mine also prooved itself capable of a many long trips and was traded in without chicken strips (I can't say that for the tyres on my ER-6f) for $250 less than I paid for it. Air cooled and not even having an oil filter makes self servicing very easy too. Worth thinking about if your budget is being stretched. :)
  13. 45,000km is nothing and a bike with that kms is just getting started. I've never bought a bike with less than that.
  14. So how does one learn how to ride at freeway speeds with out ever going freeway speeds?

    Unless your a complete retard you should be able to ride your bike back home fine, freeway speeds are easy for learners anyway, its going slow that is the challenge.
  15. freeway speeds on your first ride? I woudlnt recommend it, your life , your choice,, just my opinion.
  16. Really? he is going to die for going 80kph?

    on my first ride i rode 450km through pretty much every great driving road north of sydney.

    Im still here.
  17. Picked up my ZZr250 someday I got my L's and rode it from Northcote to Werribee, the same day.

    It's possible, but the rider needs to be comfortable.

  18. One of the youngs guys from Sat morn prac is selling his vtr, why dont you come down next sat morn and have a look at what goes on and have a look at the different bikes are learning on?
  19. I'll try my best goddie, mind giving me some info on the session? ie time, place, ect
  20. The location is at the car park just behind the BP servo on beach rd Elwood, right next to St Kilda Marina, so just down from Luna Park!!
    Starts at 10am and people start to drift about 12:30 some stay till 2pm. The vtr I mentioned is a black one, come down say hi, talk to Damian about his bike. Doug and Dave are the masters down there with the teaching of learner skills, bring someone with you if you like, say hi.