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High km Honda VTR250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Fitty, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. G'day everyone. New to the forum, and it seems to be the done thing here to make a new thread rather than add to similar threads... pull me up if that's not the case.

    I'm just about to get my learner's permit and I've been researching bikes/gear for a while now. I'm pretty much set on a VTR250 (other possibility is an RVF400, but they're rare as rocking horse shit) and I've been keeping tabs on bikesales and eBay for about a month. I really don't want to be paying more than ~$3,500 for a bike that's only going to last me 12 months, but I've noticed all the bikes around this mark have done 40,000km +.

    So, my question is, is that too much? What kind of problems will I have with a high km bike like that, and what things should I look out for when I'm inspecting bikes? My other consideration is that re-sale value of a high km bike like that will be considerably lower, so how many km's render a 250 v-twin un-sellable?
  2. What year model is it?

    Its pretty normal for any decent 250 to have that many kms on it. Every man and his dog would have owned one at one stage.

    They are great little bikes to ride on, and for a 250 they go good. I have a few mates who ride em and I never pass up an opportunity to swap bikes and have a ride on the VTRs, and I ride a 500. Nothing wrong with them!
  3. Nothing inherently wrong with a 40,000km VTR if it's been looked after. You do tend to get a few issues around that mark with consumable bits like chains, tyres, the odd bearing... You might want to freshen up the suspension around that mark. But none of that is very expensive work, and it's all doable by your average backyard handyman.

    Resale value, however, does suffer around and above this mark for mysterious reasons. I say if it's been looked after, go for it. They're a ripper little machine and if resale gets too low, you can keep it as pretty much a perfect second bike for around town. I'd have one in my shed anyday.
  4. The most common ones are all '99 models.

    Thanks fellas, pretty much what I needed to hear. I was having a chat to the old man about it, but he was bugger all help - he hasn't ridden a bike since Mum made him get rid of his '72 Commando nearly 3 decades ago.
  5. I have a VTR for sale that has done 30,000 Km and rides as good as the day I bought it, actually better. If they have been looked after they are good for many more kilometres. If interested check my sig.
  6. Hey Fitty - I bought mine new (07 model) and it's up to 60000km and no probs with it whatsoever. Still runs as good as it did the day I got it. The bike's had regular services every 6000km and has been dropped/down the rd twice, and it's still a little champion. :grin:

    I don't know much about mechanics and stuff but it may be worth checking the bike for rust??? Reason I say this is because mine is starting to develop a worrying amt of rust on it and it's only a year old.
  7. rosie thats because your surrounded by saltwater/sea breeze :p 60,000km bloody hell girl, whens the next big outting, we need to organise another big interstate trip

    fitty for a 99, 40,000 is a rather small number, as others have said if the bike is well maintained it will pull many more, one guy off here i'm pretty sure sold his with 80,000 on the clock and no major issues
  8. 40,000kms about a third of its way through its engine life. on a 99 model though, 4 grand is a bit much imho.
    you could just pay the extra grand and get one with the 15k kms mark.

    if its had a hard life*, (not a neglected life) head stem bearings, clutch, brake discs, maybe the water pump, wheel bearings will all need replacing in the next 10000kms or so.
    if its been riden by grandma on a sunday where there isnt a cloud in the sky, you wont have to even remotely worry about any of these things till well over 80,000kms.

    like rosie says, rust will be a problem, especially on the older models, even on the newer models if ridden frequently in the rain. first place to check is the bottom bridge, i garrentee it will have some here. next place is the convergance of the headers. if there is rust on the chassis or swing arm (ie more than a speck) thats a fair indication its been dropped. check around the head stem for any rust, any sign of this around the welds, fair chance she's had a big knock from the front at some point. check the forks, brake cliper and mirrors for any scratches (signs of a drop) and use it to bring down the price.

    i know my way around these bikes, i broke mine and resurrected it countless times. if you have any qns more specific drop us a PM.

    *ie flogged within its nth degree, used as a trail bike, practising monos and rolling endo etc.