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... High Beemer a$$hat!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Tweetster, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. ... so I'm heading home just after 6 in the evening. Travelling in a 60 zone which turns into a 50 zone... just following the rest of the traffic. Some asshole is behind and puts his high beemers on... he then is right up my clacker ... I am light up like a fricking Christmas tree!.. he contunues with the high beemers and alternates from a normal distance to very close (this is single lane traffic through a town centre)

    The lane then splits into two lanes and High Beemer immediately pulls into the right hand lane. Good I think, that's him gone. WRONG He then overtakes me and pulls in front of me. I need to break to let him in... and we continue following the flow of traffic.. until a few meters down the road he turns left!!... wtf.. :-s
  2. Damn. We get these idiots all the time. Doesn't matter which car they drive but there's one everywhere! I'd a similar situation where an idiot was driving behind me with the high beam on so I just changed lanes.
  3. I'm not sure she meant a bmw or the high beamer is what she was meaning to say.
    Tweetster were you on you bike at the time?
  4. I love being in my 4x4 ute with the IPF spotlights when this happens...

    payback can be fun sometimes!
  5. Ahh..now that you point it out I think I misinterpreted it. :-s

  6. Unless BMW make long socks, I think it is perfectly clear what Tweetster meant despite the atrocious spelling.
  7. I was clearing it up for Lazy Libran.
    I knew what she meant, just wanted to know if she was on the bike at the time as riding under those conditions just on sunset with idiots with high beams can be very unnerving.
  8. Yep!!... was on the bike, guy put high beams on and was acting like a tool. Single lane traffic with no where to go. As I said, when the single changed to 2 lanes, I thought he was gone!... but no so.
  9. When I'm in the car and get people like that, I slow down below the speed limit to piss them more off...I am an arsehole like that. Not too sure what I would do on the bike, but good to know the idiot didn't run you over or you lose your cool.
  10. Dont worry tweester one day he will do it to the wrong person,theirs nothing worse when your minding your own business and selfish shits like that try and intimidate ya,just ignore them,their the first to run to the cops when ya belt them.:beer:
  11. I do that too if I'm in the car.. but on the bike I usually find a place to pull over if someone is being a prick/prickette. Given the location & speed limits... I don't know what the issue was!!....
  12. Sorry tweetster got your name wrong last thread,apologies.
  13. .. Tweetstar?.... Has a nice sortta sound to it eh?... :D
  14. I can confirm that anyone that drives a BMW is an asshat
  15. When I was on my restrictions I rode a road/trail which by the nature are that little bit taller putting the headlight at a height approximate to the rear vision mirror of most cars and when coupled with the bob created under quick stabs of the throttle would be nice and annoying for the driver in front :demon:

    A mate of mine had a Patrol with a high mounted gazillion watt spotlight at the rear which he'd flick on if someone tried high beaming him, they got the message rather quick after he'd roasted their eyeballs lmao
  16. Lol I nearly felt sorry to the high beamer tonight. Basically high beamed me going up Putty, I let him through, and flicked on my super bright LED's and high beams lol.............serves them right. Sacrificing a bit of twisty fun for some revenge fun............is fun :).
  17. awesome.
  18. i would have taken the twisty fun...

    You're weird.
  19. Pulling in someplace, shows you're a thinking rider. Kudos to you Tweets. I've said it a thousand times, if you can't lose them by filtering etc, best to pull into a garage or something and adjust your gloves. Then move on.

    Getting these farkwits in front of you is priority number 1. They can't hurt you then and they are very disadvantaged.
    Usually though, it's not about you, they do it to everyone.