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High Beam Switch

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by RobE, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. My "new" bike has not been out in the country at night so it never occurred to me to pratice finding the switch in the dark and switching between high and low beam.

    Crikey but it's dark in the Dandenongs on low beam!

    Things happen real fast while the fool "in control" is distractedly groping all over the handle bars.

    I am sure the wombats enjoyed it when I actualy beeped the horn by mistake.

    Then I got the high beam on and had another panic attack trying to dim it when a car came the other way.

  2. Practice makes perfect mate!
  3. :LOL:
    You should put up some pics of the Hornet Rob ... :wink:
  4. I hear ya! Seems the horn is much easier to find, guess this is a reflection of the needs of a bike rider!!

  5. practice during the day until your muscles learn the motion..

    it should happen naturally without thought
  6. are you referring to that MASSIVE black switch right above the indicator ??

    muslces ?? you mean moving your thumb up 1 cm and pushing down ?

    am i missing something here ?
  7. It shouldn't take too much fumbling, even if you've never used it.

    Maybe it would help to adjust the left-hand switch setup so it's easier to reach? It should only take a quick flick of the thumb.
  8. yes, its all about muscle memory.. the same way that you take off from the lights without even thinking about the clutch release point etc.. its all muscle memory
  9. Yes I was referring to that massive switch.

    In the daylight it sticks out like dog bits. In the pitch black it was not where I thought it was.

    Pretty stoopid eh? A sensible rider would have pulled over and figured it out - once. :oops:

    I guess it is like running out of fuel for the first time. I can find the fuel reserve tap without looking - now. :p
  10. :LOL: I am so frightened of running out of fuel, I keep making short stops at petrol stations for those "much needed" top-ups.

    I have a stack of receipts ranging from $3.37 to $6.78 :grin:
  11. One suggestion - next time you fill the tank completely, reset the Trip Meter, and take note of the distance you've covered when the bike goes onto reserve. Reset it when you fill up again, take note when it hits reserve, and so on.

    After a few fillups you'll get an idea of what sort of range you can expect in your typical riding conditions, and from that point onward the tripmeter becomes a reasonably accurate fuelgauge. :)
  12. Thanks Spots!!! That is exactly what it is sooooo funny. I actually do that. And I know that I can do around 290Ks until I hit reserve (which I have not done yet), but I still do it. :oops:
  13. my worse problem is after I have successfully found the hi beam button I usually go to press it again to turn on the indicators or the horn...

    it usually gets out of my system pretty quickly and don't usually need hi beams in the city so usually not a problem
  14. I don't have any trouble finding my high beam switch - it's the one that my 2 year old son has always switched every time I go to ride :roll:
  15. Mine seems to be on every time i leave my bike at KNOX for five mins or more, or at TAFE while im in class. Must be magic or something.. (I really should get an alarm)
  16. I was riding around Silverwater yesterday when I was clicking to indicate left, and I hit the high beam button instead :shock: .

    Although I then clicked the right button to "stop" the indicator - which wasn't flashing, obviously - I then proceeded to ride around the next 10 minutes with high beam on. Quite embarrasing, really :oops:
  17. why, i know people who purposely ride with high beam on....
  18. Which finger do you use to work the flasher?

    Or haven't you found it yet?