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High beam not working - water damage?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by drdave, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, after a bit of advice as to why my high beam is busted on my 01 zx7r.

    The headlights work as usual, but flicking the switch to high beam means the headlight goes out with no high beam. Also, if I pull the 'pass' switch, the main headlight will stay on, but no high beam. The dash board light to indicate high beam comes on in both cases.

    I did have this trouble when I first got the bike, and it was fixed when I switched replaced the flasher relay. Not sure if this is the problem again, but with all the wet weather newcastle has had, I am suspect of water getting into the handlebar switch as there is a small patch of rusty water on the ram-air cover right beneath the switch.

    Where should I look first? Wreckers for another flasher relay?!

  2. Sounds like it is just a blown globe. Are you getting power to the globe when you switch to high?
  3. Yeah you can blow one element on these globes.

    Do you have a multimeter.

    I think I saw one the other day at Big W for $16. Well worth it.
  4. This means that the switchgear is working correctly.

    Yup, most likely the bulb.
  5. I probably should have said that during the last fortnight when I first noticed it wasn't working, it has actually work once or twice. Therefore not a globe - I'm not that stupid!

    It would appear to be a dodgy connection but everything is intact. The only hint as to where things are going wrong is the two switches to make high beam work - one will cut out the headlight altogether and the other has no effect. :mad: Damn electrical problems!
  6. More than likely at the connection on the back of the globe.