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hidden agenda by availability to obtain a licence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MattyB, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. I saw a story on some commercial TV news thing (ACA or something) about how easy it is to get your drivers licence, and how a girl had a whole list of fcuk ups on her test, but still past..

    and i was wondering, maybe they are purposely letting shitty drivers get their licence, so they can go out on the streets and raise more money for the government by breaking the law and being fined.

    sounds like a good conspiracy to discuss :p
  2. I don't know what's more sad, the fact that you waste your time watching crap TV, or the rather odd conclusions you want to draw from what you see there.
  3. If it's a choice between a fu#k up or a conspiracy - you should choose the fu#k up every time :roll:

    (but the conspiracy is more fun). :p
  4. Nah, the trouble is they teach kids to get there licence NOT to drive/ride (although the riding schools in vic are MUCH better than the car instructors), i never let a driving instructor within pissing distance of my kids when they were learning, all the bad things, missinformation, lack of information my kids friends picked up from instructors is unbelievable.

    some of them are
    no idea that wet roads decres grip and the consequences on braking/cornering.
    no idea faster the speed the longer the stopping distance.
    being TOLD by instructors it's Ok to put hands on the inside of steering wheel if it's more comfortable.
    Not being told WHY you dont pull infront of trucks at lights and that trucks take a lot longer to stop.
    some sort of BASIC understanding of tyre pressures and how they afect a vehical, same with bald tyres, the instruction is shit and should be called licence training NOT driver training, the whole system needs a bloody good overhaul it's shit.

    sorry about that i'll get off soap box now, guess i've been to 1 to many kids funerals last few years since all my kids mates are that age group.
  5. I dont know about your conspiracy theory but one things for sure...it is far too easy to get your license.
  6. its the same with a bike licence.... when my wife got her L's they gave all the people who couldnt ride for shit "automatic only" certificates of competencies to ride scooters. this disturbs me that no-one failed

    y'all shit "automatic only" learner scooter riders know who you are.... stick to the carparks and stay the f%#k away from me.
  7. Elvis?......are you there Elvis?.......
  8. :popcorn: :p hahaha a :LOL: choke... :(

    He is on his way he is just finishing with his kfc order...
  9. Moike and Tony, spot on..... :LOL: :p
  10. I actually had a very good instructor when I was learning to drive as he'd not only driven buses and trucks professionally but also competed in rallying - so they're not all bad Woodsy. Still I do remember one of his pet hates was some of the other driving schools - which in his opinion taught people how to pass the licence test, not how to actually drive. Especially bad were those that actually use their "pass rate" as an advertising feature or made some sort of promise that you'd pass first time.
  11. Thanks Paul :?

    Inci said it so much better :applause:
  12. I concur.
  13. I have heard stories where VicRoads licence testers have been hauled into the office because their pass rates are not high enough.

    Apparently they need to pass a certain percentage of applicants so they would let some people pass who may not deserve it if there figures are low for the month.
  14. i doubt there is a conspiracy, more like the testers really don't care enough, I must admit when I did my drivers license test in QLD, I didn't stop at a stop sign and I still got passed =D

  15. Where was this?
    If that was the case then the instructors are in a shitload of trouble because if you fail you fail.
  16. At the risk of insulting or offending you, Woodsy, and believe me, it's not my intention to do so, how was your children's training under your tutelage?

    You want to be careful, too, making such statements. They tend to look like sweeping generalisations. Perhaps your kids' friends went to the same DI who might've been incompetant. In any case, I'd hate to judge them lest I be judged. With no formal qualifications or training in the field, nor have I done any post-learner/p plate training, I wouldn't criticise, either.

    Remember, the difference between a driving instructor and the rest of us is that they have at least had some training in the area. The rest of us, if our kids never go to a DI, get taught our bad habits that we picked up the minute we drove away from the local cop shop where, dare I say, most of us who have adult children probably got our licences from.

    When our eldest started driving, I took her on one or two lessons. I was clearly out of my depth (and of my wits - scared, that is). Her mother wasn't much better. In the end we paid for a number of lessons with a driving instructor, who up until a couple of years ago was a TOG cop. If anyone knows how to drive and how to behave on the road, it should be these guys.

    Anyway, she turned out to be a good driver. How much was due to professional instruction, and how much was due to natural talent, or that she's female, I dunno. Whatever, she doesn't scare me as much as what my wife does. Of course, she says that about me too. She has this witty saying, "I want to die like my grandfather - peacefully. Not like his passengers, screaming and panicking..."

    Back to bike instructors. A couple of mates work or have worked for the local Decca school at Yallourn TAFE. At one point the bike part was called "Yamaha SMART - Safe Motorcycling and Rider Training". He's also an accredited Vicroads assessor (bikes).

    When he took it up, he had more or less the same level of post-licence training as I had. He had the same level of experience both with on-road and off-road riding, going back to the early 70s when we potted around the APM forests on our 125s and 250s. Yet, when he was assessed for the job he failed it three times. In fact, he was lucky to scrape through the basic licence test.

    So, he embarked on the proper training courses. He said that he learned a hell of a lot doing that, and he said it's funny to pick out peoples' riding errors when going on rides. I said that if he mentioned mine that he'd be blowing up his tyres through his arse...

    But yeah, if you are qualified to criticise the DIs, then fine. But be careful - they're not all bad. And if they hear you they might well criticise back.
  17. That's a two-fold problem. 1 is that Vicroads doesn't demand any higher levels of competance to which the instruction is targeted at and 2, there's a commercial interest here. Get as many through the door as quickly as possible. teach 'em the basics. Don't spend too much time with the student teaching him or her the finer points. Get 'em used to doing 3 point turns, hill starts, parallel parking.
  18. Where'd you here this? From a mate of your cousin's ex-husband's boss, perhaps?

    Yeah, we hear lots of things. I think that what is closer to the truth would be the bribing of Vicroads officials into passing applicants, particularly those who are trying to obtain fake licences for the purposes of fraud, identity theft and so on.

    That at least, has been in the news, and Vicroads personnel have been sacked and/or charged with criminal offences.
  19. Sure WASN'T MTA in Dandenong as they failed me on my L's the first time round. I was desperately disappointed but I knew they were right I was in no way ready to be let loose on the roads with other vehicles. They probably saved my life! With a lot more car park practice I was much better prepared the 2nd time around & I passed!
  20. mjt57, no offence taken at all, my kids under my, and many other peoples tutorlidge (sp?) has been excellent, i am not vain enough to think i could teach my own kids squat, they have had many and varied teachers and experiances waaaaay before they got there L plates (bike and car) and many more hours (probably hundreds) after they got there L's.
    my opinions are from a semi know what i'm talking about type thing, lucky enough to have been involved with motor racing a lot, and a bro who is/was a succesfull semi pro race driver and advanced driving instructor.
    I have NO problem with the concept that driving instructors teach people to get there licence BUT i do have a problem that as a society we seem to accept that it's ok to spend the minimum amount of money possible to get people driving/riding on the road.

    I've had many an argument with police and DSE people when my kids were younger about letting them ride trail bikes with me in Wombat state forrest and other 'public' tracks personaly every dollar i paid in fines was worth 1000 times more in the experiance they got in riding trail bikes before they got there bike licence and started ridding on the road.

    as i said and i'll stick by it, our kids are taught to pass there licence NOT to ride/drive we should be spending a lot more money on proper training which would save money many times over in hospital and trauma costs.