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HID Projectors for Ninja 300

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by korbail, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Getting my ride in a few days and I purchased the BKMoto HID BiXenon Projector kit from the US with the angel eyes and LED strips.

    Does anyone know if I need a bigger battery or alternator to run 'em?

  2. No, if it's the 55W version it will use about the same amount of power, if it's the 35W, it will probably use less.

    Check your manual to see what the headlight wattage ratings are.
  3. *im not sure what headlight configuration the 300 has*

    be mindful that if you bike has 2 headlights, one is usually high and one is low. so if you make it so you have 2 hi/lo, you will be using twice the power (working on 55W HID's)
  4. oops forgot to say I got the 35w dual low/hi. probably would help if I said that. so if the manual has the current bulbs less than 35w x2 I should be all good?
  5. Exactly.

    (wait, no 35W or more)
  6. lol I had a blonde moment. The manual says the current 1 bulb is a 55w low and 1 bulb 55w high.

    So if I put this in BKMOTO HID which is 2 x 35w low/hi HID's and 2 x LED strips do I need a bigger alternator?

    Sorry new to all this I'll get it one day :)
  7. 55+ (headlight)
    10 (2x5W parker bulbs)

    70+ (2x35W headlights)
    2 (guess at power draw from halos and LED strips)

    ~7W difference is bugger all, you should be fine
  8. Cool that's good to know thanks for the help. At least now i might be able to tackle it myself.
  9. Just be aware you are in for a ton of work doing it yourself,you will need to open up the headlight unit(generally they are sealed, requires a heat gun or short bursts in the oven to make sealant tacky), I modded mine to use HID's, recently had a crash that wrecked the headlight assembly, switching to HID low beam with standard reflector & halogen high beam, can't face doing the whole HID install again.

    Make sure you have a decent wiring loom, using standard wiring can be risky due to the power levels used by HID ballasts when firing up the Xenon's, once lit they only run at around 18 volts, the ballast pumps out a huge initial voltage to ignite them.

    Also, something to be aware of, the reflector unit creates a very sharply cut-off low beam, so if you have to do a 90 degree turn at night, you will not have much illumination where your tyres are going, it's not a game breaker but does take a bit to get used too, fricking hi beams however, were absolutely awesome, so much light...
  10. Wiring loom will make no difference to that, that all happens in the ballast loom, after the bikes loom. Make sure you get a good quality kit though.
  11. I order the BKmoto kit. Also I'm spray painting the reflector black to look like this [​IMG]
  12. Fair point on the loom, looks like that kit comes with a one anyway, I got my HID kit from http://www.theretrofitsource.com/ they use quality gear, I looked at using the BKMOTO kit but didn't like the looks of it.