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HID Lights

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Just ordered a HID light kit for my 109.
    Will post results, with b4 and after pics when I install it.

    Current light is adequate for 100kmh, but only just.
  2. Hey mate.. if you have a vidcam setup you could record the difference.
  3. Do you change the globes or is it a whole new light system?
  4. If these HID systems are as good as a quick google suggests, I'd be interested for the M50 as well, so tell us where you've ordered from. :)
  5. whole new system - changing the globes increases the output, but only by about 50%.

    I have also ordered the digital ballast - apparently the std ballast can take up to 30 secs to stabilise the light.
    It is also half the size.

    Power usage is supposed to be half as well, so I gain 20+W to use for heated grips etc.

    I ordered them through a M109 group buy - but the company name they get them from is A and R motorsports in the US. The system is plug and play, so can always revert to the std system if I have to.

    Will post details and pics when I get the kit. Could be 4-6 weeks away!
  6. Hey, they arrived yesterday, and will install later this week.

    Rather more quickly than I expected.
  7. HID kits

    I did a search on google last night and couldn't find any HID kits for the Yamaha XVS1100. Do you know if they are made for specific bikes?
  8. The unit I bought is Plug n play, and specifically for the M109.

    The company name is A&R motorsports in the US. They do kits for some bikes, but I am not sure which ones.

    It took me about an hour yesterday to install, and I did heated grips at the same time.

    The HID lights are truly worth it ($205 Aus), and are so bright, I changed the aiming to down a little, so I dont spook the cars in front of me.
    Noticeable difference in light, even lights up the road during the daylight!.
  9. What color temp did you get?
  10. 6000k - ice blue/white
  11. after 2 days with these lights - have to say I dont want to be without em.

    Not only is the bike more noticeable in the day, but night time riding is excellent.

    Today, I wired the heated grips in via the ignition, so mods are building!
  12. I have 5,300 K, which is supposed to be the ideal given our vision and the limitations of the technology. But I like the slightly bluer tinge of the 6000 too.

    I wouldn't be without them either. What is often underated is the way it makes you more visible to other traffic; I don't rely on it 100%, but I'm definetely seen, I have NEVER had anyone pull out on me since fitting the HIDs (but I know it will happen, so I'm always defensive).

    HOWEVER (yes, there is one). You need to consider the color of your bike; I ride a black CBR1100XX, so the headlight is framed by a large black 'border' which makes it more visible - the same reason why your flat-screen TV has a black border. If you have a white or silver bike, the effect will be greatly reduced, and I would even go as far as saying that it could make you less visible in certain cases. This is during the day, of course, nightime there's no difference.

    Also, be careful if you have the rising or setting sun behind you; whereas the bike used to stand out, the HID now will blend you into the sun. So if you see a long shadow of yourself in front of you, realise that oncoming cars might not see you.