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HID lights

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Azamakumar, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Has anyone done em? I'm not after a wanky angel eye setup or something that blinds everyone on the road, just a bit more light in front of me is all.

    I've read about a million writeups in the last couple of days and am going to head off to jaycar and grab a kit on the weekend for around $70. We've all run into the knobs that have done the upgrade in reflector housings that aren't designed for em so they blind everyone, which is why I've decided to go the whole hog and retrofit projectors in the conversion as well.

    Looks like the hyo already has projectors for the stock halogens , would these be fine for use with HID bulbs or do i need something else completely?

    The second issue I've run into is where to mount the ballast. I've thought about extending all the wires and chucking it under the seat/next to the battery where theres heaps of room but the real thing I'm worried about is the vibrations from the bike/road.

    So yeah if anyone's done this before/has a definitive answer to the first q then that would be ace.
  2. Rubber mounting is your friend if you're concerned about this. Is the ballast likely to get hot? I've not played with HIDs so I don't know. If so, bundling it up in a tight space may not be good for it.
  3. I put (35W) HID's in my '07 Triumph Sprint, which has projectors. The Sprint has 3 headlights, with the outside two being the low beams. I actually changed the wiring so the the middle light is now low beam and the outside two are the high beam.

    I also modified the cutoffs to give a wider and better shaped spread to the two outside lights (high beams). I raised the outside lights to a high beam position and lowered the centre to a low beam position. I've kept the centre light as a halogen. The centre light has no cutoff so I've had to aim that really low, but it's adequate for low beam type riding.

    I expect your Hyo reflectors and lenses would be ok with HID's. Make sure you mount the ballast/s in some clear air space for cooling.

    The difference is literally like night and day. Only downside is the warmup time for the HID's means they're not ideal for switching on and off all the time during a ride.
  4. I looked into this, and the best place to put the ballast would have to be on the internal side of the fairings at the front. There are some mod's where the Air Vent's have been fitted with Spotlights, or wide beam driving lights. You can get HID's self contained to fulfill these rolls.

    I changed my mind on doing the airvent route, and have since decided when/if I do it, I will get an engineer to build a bracket up which mounts between the Mirror Mounts and the Mirror assembly. Allowing me to use a wider spread. The problem is the low beam is so focused directly in front of the bike, its damn useless for side illumination.
  5. Have you considered using some of the little LED lights for extra lighting?
    - look at the visionx stuff as an example
  6. I have HID's on my bike and couldn't go back to standard lighting. As has been said above there is a night and day difference between them, you rarely ever need to use high beam, as a bonus car drivers tend to see you earlier too.

    Most kits are plug and play and are a piece of piss to mount, the ballast doesn't get extremely hot so anywhere away from the elements with reasonable ventilation should work fine.
  7. My old bike before:


    I'm about to fit these to the new bike. Massive improvement. I got a kit from DDM tuning (Google it) which was much more expensive but much better quality (alledgedly) than the Jaycar versions. Make sure you get a slimline ballast, and they can slot down inside the side fairings. I've even seen them squeezed in under the headlight housings of a Daytona, but I didn't have time to make it work.

    Mine are 6000K, and they are a tad too blue. I'd go for 4300K if I had the choice again.

    You can buy a delay unit for the lowbeam, which gives you time to start the bike before the light comes on, so it doesn't come on with the key, off for ignition, then on again once the bike is running - not good for the lifespan of the globes. Ecliptech I think is the company, same guy who makes the Shift-i rev lights (he's in Melb.)
  8. **** me sideways, I bit the bullet and grabbed a jaycar kit this arvo. After a flick through prices on ebay I figured I may as well just buy from a shop in case anything didn't work. And completely forgot about a slimline ballast after all that fretting of where to put it. Reference pic - it's not that bad could've done much better.

    Looks like jaycar has a change of mind refund policy though so I've got a week to figure the install out or take it back.

    Any chance you could throw up a pic of your ballast Darkhorse? How much was your kit all up?

    EDIT: and as for the delay, is it absolutely necessary? I didn't think the draw from the battery would be huge, even on startup. At any rate, the hyo has an off switch, in that you can turn the headlight off completely so only this tiny light stays on so it passes the ADRs. But yeah, I thought you only run into problems when trying to get a couple of em going at once?
  9. Had them in 2 bikes so far, both put most modern car headlights to shame.... Projector lenses are awesome... Sadly current ride hasn't got projectors, but I'm thinking about it anyway...
  10. Yeah, they're pretty chunky! Here's the DDM kit

    I got lucky with mine - a user on another forum ordered a set and they sent two kits out! I got mine for a fraction of what they retail.

    They will do any combination of globe types (H4, H9 etc) either 35 or 55W, and any colour - like I said I'd recommend 4300K or 6000K at the absolute coldest. You might need to e-mail them if your specific combination isn't on the website - mine are an H4 and an H9, so I know they do weird combos!

    The delay isn't about current draw, that's not an issue. The issue (for my bike anyway) is that when I turn the key, the headlights come on. When I hit the starter button, power to the lights is cut = headlights go off. Once the bike is started they come back on, so in the space of 10 seconds they've gone from off to on to off to on again. This isn't good for HID globes, they need to be on for around 45 seconds to get fully up to temperature before they are switched off again. This is also good to keep in mind for high-beams.

    The delay unit stops the initial power to the headlights until it senses that the motor is running, when it will allow them to ignite. If you can turn your lights off independently, then no dramas!
  11. Be aware that fitting HID's to any vehicle not designed for them is illegal and render the vehicle unroadworthy and could also void your insurance (being an illegal modification).

    There are all sort of rules involving HID's including self levelling requirements so you don't blind the poor buggers coming towards you.
  12. From my knowledge (and happy to be corrected):
    1) HIDs are only illegal/unroadworthy on vehicles with reflector beam headlights, projectors are OK (as long as they are aimed properly, with lowbeam low enough not to dazzle)
    2) Insurance can only be voided if the insurer can establish that the mod in question directly caused the accident/damage. I told my insurer that I'd fitted them and they were fine with it.

    That said, good points worth noting for anyone unaware.
  13. For HID lights to be legal, they need to autolevel - when you increase or decrease your pitch angle the headlights adjust accordingly, aka go over a hill they dip down so you don’t blind people driving over the hill.
  14. Well, chucked it in today. Still haven't finished the job but this is what I've got so far:


    compared to


    Obviously need to wrestle the bulb a bit to get the cutoff straight again but fairly solid improvement. Found a place to mount the ballast too - just inside of the air duct on the right hand side. Will have to cable tie it to the frame or drill the fairings, still haven't decided.
  15. I changed the stock H4 globe with a whiter one but at night time is still not bright enough when riding thru the twisty mountains. I believe my best choice is to go for a hid setup. Which of the below ones would you recommend or are there others I should look for? Will it be simply getting one of these light kits and replacing the stock ones with it or are there more parts I will require? Btw it's a single H4 unit.
    Here is a pic of my headlight
  16. Hate to say it but the H4 kits are the most unreliable of all the HIDs. They usually involve a small electro-magnet to move the bulb or a shutter and are very prone to failure of this part, not the bulb.

    If you had something like H7/H9 for high/low I would say go for it, but in cars the H4 kits are the pits, in general.....
  17. Hmm that's not good. I've emailed two Aussie hid companies so will also see what they come back. By pits do you mean the H4 hid kits are okay in cars or the opposite?

    Also since I want to go for a bright setup can I then upgrade the whole unit at the same time to a H7/H9 kit and get rid of the H4?
  18. Sorry, by the pits, I mean problematic. I have 4 cars with HIDs, but none have the H4, my brother went through at least 3 sets of H4 HIDs before giving up and sticking with the uprated Halogen bulbs in his car.

    There was even a model with two bulbs glued together that he tried, and the glue gave out and they fell apart so the beam pattern went to crap.

    If you have projectors, they are fine, albeit not legal still without the ADR required self levelling, headlamp washers etc.

    ps only one of my cars has HID from the factory, the others are all aftermarket, but if adjusted correctly they do not pose a real issue to other drivers in general.

    The problem with H4 is the two filaments in one globe, difficult for the HID manufacturers to get right and why there are no factory H4 HIDs.

    pps: With reflector headlamps the HID is too bright for the comfort of oncoming drivers seeing as the globe itself is unshielded and emits a lot of light straight out the front of the lamp unconstrained by
    the design of the reflector
  19. I see, thanks for the info. I have uprated halogen bulbs on the bike but they are still not as bright in the night when going thru dark places. So what options do I have of getting brighter light as my safety at night time is paramount.