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HID Lights on a scooter...

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by negatron, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. So with the crummy lights on the scoot (PGO tornado) and the reports of additional spot lights draining the batteries of the scoots.

    I was wondering if anyone's tried HID lights on a 50cc?

    I figured those bulbs use a lot less power once ignited and produce a crap load more light as well.

    Any reviews/feedback /advice would be good.
  2. I've been vaguely looking around for HID lights recently, admittedly not for a scoot, but for a bike. The conclusion i've arrived at is that the cheap ones going around are not worth it, you have to fork out for a decent set. To be honest, would you really want to spend a few hundred on lights for a scoot that is only worth $3000 (or whatever)? I would think that as a percentage of the overall value of the scoot, its just too high.
  3. heya duffman,


    i have faith a plenty in the so called cheaper ones.

    I've run 2 sets of HIDs in the car (fogs & main lamps) for jsut about 2 years now and have only needed to change 1 ballast which cost me 50 bucks.

    So i'm more than happy to buy a set of $80 buck ones to chuck on the scoot.

    my worry is that the electrics can't handle it...
  4. mine has a weird ass globe in it!

    never been able to find one, so i may have to upgrade later if i ant get a globe!
  5. interesting.
    got a link for the ones you've used?

    ps - agreed. if you've had good experience from the $80 ones, then yeah thats a fair price to pay for a scoot.
  6. HID

    Have a looky at this link


    which are the 80 buck (or rather 85 buck ones)

    I can't find the seller that i got my car ones from but judging from the photo on the auction page its using the same ballast at my $150 foggy set.

    The $180 set in the main lamps use a black colour ballast, but hey, at the end of the day they probably all came out from the same factory.