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HID lights coversion question.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by DeepWater, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. evening ladies,

    was wondering if anyone can offer some advice...i noticed on the way home my low beam was goneskie, so hence i need to get a new bulb, so i was thinking of replacing 'em with HID. Has anyone done this before? It's for my '04 r6.


  2. Re: HID

    Nope, mainly because you'd be looking at a few hundred bucks minimum to convert and the fact that I'm fairly sure doing so is illegal (HIDs are only roadworthy if factory fitted).
  3. Re: HID

    really ? interesting.

    yeah, cost is not a really a concern
  4. i don't think its illegal on bikes.

    Its illegal in cars because you need a head light leveler function on the dashboard.
  5. Same problem with bikes. It's not going to be legal unless you can prove it's not going to blind oncoming traffic. May be possible to fit them with an engineers certificate, though not sure on that.
  6. What is involved in the conversion?
    I'm assuming you can't just plug in HID Xenon bulbs???
  7. i done it on my CRM250 using a spare HID set up i had for my car (R34 GTR skyline) It worked really well.....in regards to legality....a lot of people have aftermarket pipes that are way to loud and its not legal to speed but we all do it.... :D
  8. anyone know of a place that actually sells and installs them for bikes?
  9. That can't be right. My Lexus has HID lights, but no head light leveler. At the same time, the Lexus has hydraulic suspension, so you can raise and lower the vehicle, and it autolevels the vehicle, which can mean it would point the lights higher than normal. All factory standard, and therefore must meet ADR requirements, and be legal.
  10. maybe they level out depending on the suspension setting, my ssangyong has a leveller on the dash.?
  11. I read somwhere that PS in Geelong is now a distributor for XenonOz products. XzenonOz is a Sydney based company that sells kits for bikes. I would just buy one of the kits from Autobarn and fit it myself as it is a simple job.
  12. Yep, some of the higher end cars have self-leveling HIDs
  13. Nup. The vehicle tries to level itself, but the lights are fixed with no mechanism for automatic adjustment. They are just like old fashion lights with screw adjustment. Leveling of the car could be construed as a mechanism to level the lights, but that is not what it does in practice.

    PS: Only my high beam are HID. Maybe that has some effect on the rules. Also, it is a 1998 model, so maybe the rules have changed since.
  14. i thought it was going to cost roughly $600 to do, which i was cool with. but turns its actually roughly $1,200, i dont think the benefits out weigh the costs here as the standard lights are still good...so im going the $30 option and buying a new globe, :)
  15. Yep, it's really only low-beam that's regulated since that's all you're supposed to be using when there's oncoming traffic. It's the reason why you can fit high-powered driving lights to a car without problem - as long as you remember to switch them off or wire them to the highbeam (which unfortunately most drivers don't seem to do :evil: ).
  16. I'm gonna order me a set of these.

  18. Ok now, If the same product (different manufacturer) can cost either USD66 or AUD 1200 I have to assume that there is a significant difference there... And I'm not only talking the about price! :p
  19. Good points Deepwater and Mr Ed.
    I am sure there is the usual Aussie markup involved, as well the quality difference in components.
    I have seen on some of the US ZX forums where some are using some from Ebay with no problems, but from a different seller. I think I will find out which brand and proceed with caution.
    Melting is a bad thing.