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HID Headlights (Low/High beam)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by daniel270991, May 2, 2013.

  1. Netriders,

    Does anybody have any experience of putting HID lighting kits on their bikes?

    I haven't seen much around, to be honest. I myself have changed the standard bulbs in my RS125 to a 6000K Phillips, giving a really crisp white beam from afar.

    Would be interesting to see if its worth the investment, opinions, reviews... Cheers, Danny!

  2. i am in the process of buying twin bixenon projector units for my bike from 'the retrofit source'

    if you are going HID, get projectors. otherwise it can actually be worse... not to mention everyone coming the other way will get the shits with you
  3. I was going to go HID on my kwaka till some one recommended Narva Plus 100 globes. I got a set of H7 for $40 and thr night vision has doubled in distance over the standard globe. In fact I got a few people thinking I had high beam light on. Also their ADR approved.
  4. When I upgraded my globes to the Bike specific Phillips one , the salesman said a lot of bikes that put HID kits on , they become non RWC compliant.

    Was he talking shit?
    I have no idea, but would be I interested to hear people's thoughts.
  5. They are correct but the mod is reversible just change the globes and plug the old harness in the globe whilst doing RWC.
  6. Pretty sure under ADR's any HiD upgrade to the main light must be self leveling. Whacking in a couple of globes and ballasts isn't going to be ADR compliant. Feel free to correct, but I think they also have to be less than 5600K in colour temperature as well.
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    for HID's to be legal you require:
    self levelers
    washer nozzels to clean the lens
    they need to be certified to your vehicle
    lots of other stuff.

    i am not sure if you can get all the relevant pieces of paper on a retrofit

    this is only if you get the 'plug and play' kits which just plug in to your standard bulb socket and blind every poor soul that comes the other way.

    in my experience, these kits can sometimes have the opposite effect, as they scatter the light all over the forking place, not where you want it

    also, the 100W bulbs may be ADR compliant, but you are only aloud upto 55W as your headlight.

    the people thinking that you have your high beams on is exactly why i am going to retrofit projectors into the headlight housing.
    projectors focus the light so you get it pointing where you want it.
    this means that you can put a brighter bulb in without people getting blinded (which is the reason for the above rules, otherwise we would be running round with 200W bulbs on high beam so we could see effectively.

    btw. the place i am getting them from is: http://www.theretrofitsource.com
  8. A guy in perth I used to ride with had an hid kit in his 600, same bike as mine, looked awesome and was a good kit... There was an instal thread on perth street bikes, with a heap of pics.
  9. that kit will take around 45 mins if you know your bike or closer to 2-3 hours if you have never pulled your bike apart (these are guesses, i dont know your bike or have much experience in pulling bikes apart... cars on the other hand...)

    but these are the 'boy racer' or 'rice' kits which make it look pretty but dont do much in the way of being able to see any more... and you will blind every bugger on the other side of the road
  10. Thanks for that Necros,

    My RS literally is really accessible - its a half 'twist' of the H11 bulb and it's out. I have tried comprehending this installation, but don't want to go about soldering any wires, etc, just a simple swap, basically.
  11. See it everyday and it's quite annoying even when I'm riding, get the projectors I'm fitting my kit in a couple of weeks

    Be careful with these, if you have a plastic headlight cover it's going to haze. Philips bulbs won't cause the hazing. (y)

  12. ive got a set of these: http://www.theretrofitsource.com/product_info.php?products_id=227 on their way
  13. going to attempt to reuse the old glue, but im going down the oven rout
  14. I was watching a guy on youtube do it and he was saying you can get a better seal with new glue and a heat gun rather than the oven, I'll see if I can find it
  15. it also depends on how well you clamp the two pieces back together aswell.

    with the heat gun, i would be worried about 1. over cooking one part, that would make one or both halves warp in that spot or even discolour the lens.
    2. the glue and housings would cool at different times, possibly warping and or moving against each other.

    note: i have moderate experience with using heat guns

    but i do agree, new glue would be best. from my research most recommend Butyl stuff

  16. fair point I might use the oven although my oven is shithouse.

    The Butyl stuff i can only find overseas and $70 for way more than i need is a bit rich.