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HID Conversion Kits

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Lugo, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Firstly, I've searched and couldn't find anything so I apologize if this has been covered already.

    Since picking up the ER6 I've noticed the light output to considerably insufficient on poorly lit roads, which there are many of in my area. I've been looking at suitable cost effective solutions and come to a couple of conclusions.

    I had Philips Diamond Vision globes in my old GS, which worked well in improving the factory light output, still not brilliant but much better than standard. I've considered doing this again on the ER, but for the money HID kits don't appear to be that much more expensive. For reference sake I've been looking at the 35w Kits from DDMTuning.com which are about $85-90 delivered.

    What I'm looking for is opinions. I know neither are strictly legal (ADR doesn't like either), but at least the Diamond Visions are still Halogen, which is what the ER headlight is designed around. I don't want to go to the extent of a full projector conversion to the factory headlight, just want to maximize the light output I can with minimal expense.

  2. You can find cheaper HID kits on ebay if you want to go that way. I had a Hi/Low HID kit in my old GSR but the headlight reflector ended up breaking off of the adjustment tabs, I think it was caused by the extra weight of the HID burner as the Hi/Low versions have a solenoid on the back of them to retract and extend the burner. Light output was much brighter but the patern was poor as HID are not designed to be used with reflector lenses. I have fitted LED driving lights to my Vstrom and they are much better than HID as the area iluminated is much larger. I have them wired to come on with the high beams only as the Vstrom has decent lights to start with.

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  3. not sure if you have solved this yet, but here is some info anyway.
    I bought these. as you can see, you can chose the bulb type and the light output.it is a 35W car kit, but with it being only 35 bucks, it is cheaper than any bike kit you will find out there. maybe you know someone who will need the other half of the kit. anyway. once i ordered it, it took just over 3 weeks to show up to my door. not too bad. The kit is all the stuff you need to directly swap over. The ballast's are slim. thinner than a standard wallet. and from what I can tell, the only thing i will need to change for it to go onto my bike is the connector for the grounding wire. but i plan on converting all my connections for my lights into waterproof connectors, so that doesn't bother me anyway.
    Hope this helps
    also, if you ever need to replace the bulb, they are 1/2 the price of the halogen bulbs. so, you save money later on too.
  4. Haven't even had a chance to think about this yet, been flat out with other things!

    The LED driving lights look good, only I don't want additional lights stuck on the sides and I'm really trying to improve light output on the low beam more so than the high.

    Those car kits look good MaxBiker, good for spare parts I suppose too. The main reason I'd been looking at the DDMtuning units is Presti has had one of their kits in his Gixxer for a while now and it's given him no issues, and they're completely plug and play.

    I don't expect light output to be as good as the proper projectors, but for a budget it may well do the trick for me.
  5. well it all really comes down to how much your willing to spend on it. I ride 5 days a week at midnight for an hour with no light pols on the highway. so I needed a quick fix. and i needed low budget due to the fact my family just got 1 more little girl added to it. so I was more than willing to change out one little connector and have spare parts on the side for the price i paid. as for quality, I would have to think that they are the same kits you can buy at any local car shop because they probably buy them in bulk from China. so really, you should get what makes you happy. cuz in the end, that is all that matters.
  6. I have fitted HId's into my 1098. The standard lights were pretty poor to say the least, sure they look nivce, slim and fancy but the output was sub par.

    I originaly fitted just the main beam to test the water. The difference was staggering, I also correctly aligned the light to get good distance without blinding on coming traffic. BTW I've never been high beemed by anyone thinking I've got my high beams on.
    I also eventually fitted the high beam.

    Yes, I know they are illegal, yes I know they can anoy other drivers. IMHO, I'd rather been seen and see clearly at night. Everyone I ride with at night loves how well they light up the road. BTW, I didn't go the brightest which get bluer, I went the mid range iirc 5000k as not to attract too much attention with blue headlights.