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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PommyTom, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Just a quick hello since activating my membership after lurking for many months :]

    Just about to get a Triumph Street Triple or the Suzuki SV650A... Bit torn to be honest, but leaning towards the Triumph...

    Insurance quotes are ranging massively as its the first time back on the bike after 5 years driving...

    Hope to see you all at a ride meet (and definitely a vic spanners meet) very soon!


  2. where's the option for honda? :p
    welcome back to the road :grin:
  3. SV hands down for a commuter.

    Purpose of a commuter is to have low rpm power, cheap to buy, maintain and insure, easy to maintain, cheap parts, etc. SV wins in all of those departments.

    The tripple is the better bike for sure, but it costs several thousand more, parts are harder to get, more expensive parts and services, etc.
  4. If $ aren't such an issue then my suggestion would be the Triple for sure. I use mine for pretty much the same purposes as you and just love it to bits. It's light, nimble, bit smaller for lane splitting and really comfy for the longer rides as well.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys...

    Getting closer to a decision and the poll is starting to show :]

    Going to try find a place for a test ride of both bikes tomorrow morning...
    Will be buying gear at the same time, so if i decide on the bike or drool too much i'll haggle for more discount for a complete bundle...

    Insurance is roughly the same for both bikes....

    Cheapest so far for fully comp is 1100 and up to 2700.... RACV and Ebike seem to be the best bet for my circumstances... Willing to bite the bullet though to get back on a bike :]... Just hope it goes down in subsequent years ;)
  6. Can i ask if you are test riding the street triple at Peter Stephens City?

    Did they say what the delivery would be on the street if you put a deposit down soon? I was told a few weeks ago if i didn't put a deposit down i may have to wait until march for delivery, thought it was a bit of sales pressure but would be interested if it was true...

    have fun on the test ride tomorrow!

  7. TBH i have no idea :? .. I'm just going to hit dandenong, ringwood and this city tomorrow and hope for the best, i'm not holding out too much hope that they'll even let me test ride a street triple as they have no used ones on sale.... But i can hope :]

    But from the reviews i've read it sounds like i'll be able to control it more easily than the sv650 so i'm leaning more towards it still... My deposit should be going down tomorrow :] I'll let you know how it goes...
  8. How is the running costs on your street triple so far? if you don't mind me asking, Are parts on par with a ducati or reasonable? Servicing etc?
  9. I voted for the Trumpy but if you asked the same question on an old farts site you'd get a different answer.
    Get the one that gives you wood and ignore what the polls say.
    Ins, try Swann through the dealer. Should be way under 1k.
  10. I believe that PS city had a demo model on the floor, not sure if it is still available.

    It's interesting that you're comparing the SV650 and the street triple, I'm also looking at those, along with the new ducati monster 696. (which is currently my hot favorite, but i'm going to try and ride them all before making up my mind) I'd love to hear your thoughts on the street if you get a demo on it.
  11. :oops: Hmmm i didn't do too well... only made it to dandenong... had a great chat with Zoran in the PS there... Big waiting list for the street triple, and they have no idea when they'll get in the next batch the estimate is 3-4 months....

    But, i'd pretty much made my mind up, especially after talking to more people and the guys there...

    So.... Slammed down a deposit on the 09 triumph :LOL: , on the basis that i can change the colour at a later stage (ASAP) and pull out in 2 weeks time IF i don't like the test ride... (1% possible!!!), could've gone to the city store for the test ride but will wait... Booked in for the test ride in 2 weeks, could have been earlier but i'm flat out with work... Now its just down to a choice on colour... black or green.... choices choices!!

    Fingers crossed on an early delivery, but i think it will be worth the wait..

    FYI on the running costs, a 10k service on the triple is 320, the suzuki is a 6k service and costs 220.... meh close enough....

    Got a great deal on insurance with the swann counter there, more than happy with it!

    See you all soon :]

  12. triumph 10,000km service intervals FTW! \:D/
  13. 10k is a big ask for oil in hard working bike engines :shock:
    You'll be doing tyres before for that :LOL: