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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by doodlebug, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hi, I just posted a topic introducing myself in offtopic.... sorry about that!! didnt see this here.. anyway im Dale, im from England. Applying for emmigration to aus, thought id have a look around on here :)

  2. Hey Dale !
    Welcome to NR .. and hopefully soon to the magic place "DownUnder"
  3. Enough of these niceties; who are you going to cheer for at the cricket is the big question? :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider :wink:.
  4. Hi mate and welcome. :)

    Do you know there is a new Test to become an Aussie.?
    I think we should give you some questions ,just to help you out and see how you will go.

    Question #1.

    You invited to a BBQ , and you normally get drunk after 8 beers .
    So the question is .....

    How many beers do you bring to the BBQ.?

    {a} 8 beers.
    {b} 16 beers.
    {c} 24 beers.

    You guys can feel free to test him also :LOL:
  5. Be very careful how you answer .. it may have an effect on the quality of your time here on NR.
  6. Hi

    Hi! I'm a total newbie to this website and all things riding.
    I'm in NSW and am going for my L's in 3 agonizing weeks. Hopefully going to get to ride a dirt bike on a farm in QLD this weekend... Should relieve the agony of 'waiting'.
    Then it's time to buy a bike. I've already ssen some bikes for sale here that would suit me, but I can't reply to posts, or even PM people due to the forum restrictions placed on Newbies!

    Ah well - 6 posts to go...
  7. australia

    toughie, i would say 24... but 24 just isnt enough to go around... so i'd bring afew kegs :D

    ..... did i pass?

    oh yeah! and thanks for the warm welcome there guys, Ill be honest.. I was expecting a lynching!!
  8. Welcome Doodlebug.

    Yep, you're not too far off with the beers - a good start :wink:

    I emigrated from Nottingham over to Aus 6 years ago (even bringing my loved and pristine TDR250 with me). Trust me, it's the best move you'll ever make. I've never been back to the UK - I have no desire to - all my friends and relatives come out to visit us and are gobsmacked at what a fantastic place this is.

    You're 20 years old? If you're prepared to graft and get your head down for a few years you will see opportunities the like of which England hasn't seen for 30 years.

    A few things to bear in mind:
    1. Australians talk about the weather more than poms do. Strange, but true.
    2. Despite what you watch now, you WILL start watching Footy (Rugby League). And you'll start to enjoy it.
    3. You will drink more beer than you ever thought possible
    4. No, you won't lose your accent and yes, people will take the piss.
    5. You'll quickly come to the conclusion that, generally, Australians don't realise how good they've got it. This place is f*cking magic.

    Let me know if you need any help :)
  9. yep im only 20, never been scared of hard work, working 55hour weeks at the moment to try and get my finances into a good position to go.
    also due a hefty whack of compensation from a non fault bike accident less year (shattered bones etc). I quite like rugby league anyway!! more beer is good with me!!

    ill probebly need some help with somthing or other at some point, ill bear you in mind for sure!! thanks spiky

  10. G.day and welcome Dale...oh and get it sorted geeser :LOL: :p
  11. wow you guys are all so cool with this whole English dude coming to Aus thing.. awesome!

    Well Ive been waiting a year for this compensation so cant be waiting much longer, soon as it comes.. Ill start the ball rolling!

  12. Destination?


    Where are you palnning on ending up when you arrive in the great Down Under?
  13. Brisbane, unless you can give me a reason why not :p
  14. they hav hot chicks no doubt
  15. thatll do fine then
  16. :LOL: Entertaining responses. Welcome Doodle :)
    Oh, don't move to Brisbane. You wussy poms always complain it's too hot in Oz, so at least move to a cooler city, like Melbourne. Then you might even be able to cope wearing some (nag nag nag...) protective gear! :p
  17. haha... can never be to hot, hey i think im being considerate, could of gone to darwin, its hot up there right
  18. Welcome Doodlebug - I like your nick :LOL:

    Out of curiosity, would you have to sit an IELTS test if you’re planning to migrate here? I had to do one, which was absolutely bloody ridiculous.

    Immigration Officer: So, let’s test your writing and communication skills shall we? We need proficient English-speakers here, you know. Can you spell “responsible�
    R: er….. RESPONSIBLE
    IO: Very good! Now can you tell me what your job is?
    R: …. I’m a journalist.
    IO: …. Oh….. so you can read and write?
    R: ……….. yes. Just a little.
    IO: (sheepish) Ok, let’s just get this over and done with.

    I had to pay $350 for the test, which included writing a letter to “Sam the butcher for more meatâ€, reading a passage on a lost puppy, spell, and talk about my favourite advertisement. I still cringe when I think back on it.

    I hope you’ll be spared the indignities of it all.
  19. lmao, sounds... interesting! ive not actually heard anything about that before! did you migrate from britain?
  20. Nup. Malaysia.