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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by trinity, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Got my learners in March & had a borrowed bike (96 kwacka GPX250) for a while but had to give it back :( . Good news now I'm buy'n it & should have it back for the weekend :grin: Can anyone tell me how much experience/skill you need before going for your license?

    Thx Jo
  2. Hi trinity, welcome aboard.

    Don't need to be too experianced, getting L's is harder. The next step is more of a formality. If you're out once a week for a bit over the three months you shouldn't have any trouble. Some don't even ride that much. But if you're feeling nervous about it, find an empty carpark and practice your emergency stops and some turns.

    In the meantime enjoy yourself and stay upright
  3. gday trinity and welcome.

    bugger all i think is the answer. i didn't even have a bike before i went for my p's! i went for a couple of small group practice sessions at HART after my Ls, and one or two private lessons on the road with the guys down cheltenham way, and that was it :shock: i passed marginally, but i passed none-the-less!!!
  4. welcome trinity
    take your time and relax you should be fine.
    myself and a few friends take the bikes out most weekends mostly sunday as that is the only day off i get. as we are in rowville happy to give you some assistance if you need. some of us are experianced and some are on l plates so you wont get pressured on a ride.
  5. Borrowed bike.... very very lucky there.....

    Welcome aboard.
  6. Hey and welcome! :)
  7. Thx for the welcome guys!

    quik blat - would be great to go for a ride sometime!
  8. happy to assist. you can always get me on 0418 383 040 as you probably dont have access to pm yet. sunday is supposed to be fine this wee so may go out.
  9. Hello and welcome to NR.. :grin:

    Just get yourself familiar and comfy again. Sounds like you have someone here willing to go riding with you which is what NR is all about.