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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Wagner, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been a member for a while but not gotten round to saying hello!

    I'm from the UK but been over here for 4 years now. Rode small bikes in the UK (125's) and have got my full license over here - just trying to convince the wife that a bike really is a good idea!!!

    Given that I haven't ridden for a couple of years, when buying what would people suggest. I keep coming back to Honda Spada's but I'm 6ft so am a little concerned about the size.

    Any suggestions gratefully received
  2. try the GS500 mate, its a bigger bike, and would suit your bigger frame...

    though you're on a full license, so why not look at the 600s?

    where abouts are you located mate?
  3. Hi Wagner welcome to Netrider. The sort of riding you do will obviously determine to a certain extent what sort of bike you should get. Any reason you would be looking at a 250 Spada? Oh and good luck with the WF (wife factor) :)
  4. Welcome Wagner. Better riding weather here, does seem a shame to waste it.

    If you have your full license, as already noted, why restrict yourself to a 250? I'd be getting a late model second-hand 600 of some sort, either naked or sporty, and 'playing myself in' on that....
  5. Welcome Wagner, good luck with your bike choices.
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  7. Wagner, you must have the patience of a saint! How does one lurk for that long and not comment on ANY of the traffic they're viewing?????

    The other observation to make is that MG and Charmed have the motherload of emoticons at their disposal!!
  8. Darlinghurst. Cheers for the advice - I am now looking at 600's!
  9. Thanks to all for the welcome and advice (MG - will try and keep the average a little lower than that from now on :wink: )

    Think I'll have a look at 600's and see where I go from there. Cheers all and will let you know how the search goes!!
  10. Welcome Wagner,

    All the best with the bike hunting (and convincing). I told my man he's not allowed to be without a bike :LOL: