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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ckr83, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. hi everyone, just dropped in to have a chat and a look around the site.
    my names clint, im 22, live in rockhampton, qld. bout to go for my licence on the 8th april, looking at getting my first bike in the next few weeks.
    cheers clint

  2. hey mate,

    welcome to the boards, don't think we have too many members up near rocky.... think yammychick and her partner are from cairns, but thats about it from memory
  3. Welcome dude!

    I'm fairly new too.

    What kind of bike you getting??
  4. Welcome!

    What sort of bike are you looking at getting for your restriction period?

    What protective gear have you got/are you getting?
  5. hey clint, welcome mate :) best of luck with getting your licence, any idea what your going to be looking for as a first bike, or just anything with two wheels?
  6. How the hell do you have 0 posts when i can see it!!!!

    This is awesome! I totally dig it, it means that it is quite possible there is a black hole in our solar system stealing the white picked posts from the intertron lawn.

    Hi :grin:
  7. Gday mate and welcome, good luck with test :grin:

    Cheers :cool:
  8. welcom clint..
    good luck with the test and what kind bike u thinking of getting
  9. hi again, well first of all, im looking at getting a low maintenance road bike, i like teh full fairing rather than the naked bikes. im only wanting to spend round the $5000 mark. just sold my ute and dont want to go into dept again till i buy a house. i dont mind the cbr's or the suzuki gs500f, but i dont need a leaner legal bike. Through qride i can go straight to unrestricted.
    cheers clint :grin: