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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by teamkrazy, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. hi there i am neil i am from brisbane,
    i recently took delivery of a 05 model R6

    am new to riding street bikes and am slowly getting the hang of things.

    i am good mates with TUFF_033 (another noob who posted here recently)

    http://www.teamkrazy.com/forum/files/dsc_1825_208.jpg image of bike
  2. Nice bike - enjoy it and ride safe.
    Looks like it'd be a good track day machine.
    Please not a cafe racer... :p
  3. Welcome Krazy Team. Looks like you may not be a stranger to performance equipment by what's in the back of the garage, though... :grin:
  4. Welcome krazy, Wow cool bike!!
  5. Hi teamkrazy , welcome .
  6. hey hornet600

    hahaha yea thats a r33 skyline and a 180sx
    skyline makes 300hp and 180 makes 260hp
    toys are good :p
  7. lol mate you seem to have a bit of a stable there!
  8. Gday teamkrazy!