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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Maccy D, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Hey guys just thought id like to say hello, i have no bike as yet, though a Hond CBR250RR is what im looking at to learn on, read through lots of old posts and have learnt a great deal in the short time that i have been here. As im new to this stuff im thinking about becoming a motornike mechanic to at least give me a feel for how to service and what to look out for and what not. Thanks. Alex.

  2. Hi Alex and welcome to netrider and the wonderful world of motorbikes :D
  3. thanks dude, seems like a really good forum, fast replys and knowledgable people, something that is extremely lacking with ANY car forums.
  4. Welcome to the madhouse, alex.
  5. The madhouse?
  6. Hi and welcome and yes the members of these boards are very helpfully to us new members

    cheers stewy
  7. Welcome to the wacky world of netriders!!!
  8. Mechanic??

    Hi Maccy
    Wouldn't talk too loud about becoming a bike mechanic, you'll have all the Netriders round at your place wanting work done at cost!!! :eek:
    Seriously, welcome to the forum, and check out the Sydney Coffee Night thread in the Announcements section, you'd be most welcome.
  9. thanks hornet 600, yeah i just want to be a mech so i dont have to pay for services so i can do them myself, id be more thanhappy to help you guys out when i get a job, as for the coffee night love to come, but im sure my beaten up Verada wouldnt fit in with the bikes for some reason :LOL:
  10. Cages tolerated

    hey you can come in the cage, just ride the bike when you get it.
  11. yeah definetly will.
  12. You don't need to be a mech to do minor service stuff (i.e. oil & filters, brake fluid, etc). Just a willingness to have a go, read a lot, and listen to others :)
  13. Hi Alex,

    Important question that you need to answer for YOURSELF: WHY do you want a CBR250RR? There are more suitable bikes to learn on and cheaper ones to fix once you drop it. Honestly, if it is only because it's a "race replica" you may want to have a serious re-think of what bike to choose.

    What you SHOULD consider is ease of control of the bike, ease of maintenance (you will do some eventually), etc over style. Learners need to LEARN first and look cool second, not that many people ever listen to that bit of advice, but something for you to consider. :)
  14. thanks deyago, your opion is strongly noted, as ive said i dont have much expierence with bikes and it just seems that it was a fairly common 250 which most learners have. id be quite open to another bike if i found somehtng that was easier and cheaper.
  15. kaer thanks for the reply, i know you dont need to be a mech to do those service items, i can do my whole except the auto trans and engine rebuid, its just i dont know anyone who has a bike to learn from, thats sort of why i came on here. :wink:
  16. Just be wary of used 250's that have been owned by people "just to get through their restrictions". A lot of the faster race-replica 250s fall into this category and are sold as soon as their owners can get onto something bigger and faster so often maintenance is severely neglected.
  17. I muddled through, and I'm fairly inept :)

    Now I'm just lazy and pay Lloyd Penn to do it for me (especially since I've moved across the bridge and he's just around the corner).
  18. thanks for the insight JD, im worried about that, how many k's with correct servicing should a average 250 have to still be acceptable?
  19. yeah martyh i see what yoursaying, under 25's get screwed on insurance thats for sure.