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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MrOrange, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone, I actually made this account ages ago then (not sure how) completely forgot to log in again!

    Anyway I'm from Yeppoon in Central Queensland, and I'm on a 2009 ZX10R :)


  2. Welcome back. Nice bike, what tyres are you running, are they Pirelli's of some type?
  3. Metzler K2. They came with it, were fantastic... But 3000km a set down to the steel was a bit rough. Continental Road Attack 2 EVO on it now.
  4. Ahh OK. Yes it is always a balance between the funness quotient of tyres and the pain of the wallet. What do you think of the Conti's?
  5. I think most people could track them, they're pretty sticky. I've seen them cop repeated abuse on litre bikes till they're melted and chunks are falling off, but no one is dead from going bush so they're fine. I'm expecting about 7-8000km out of them.
  6. Welcome to NR.

    Nice bike...
  7. Beautiful colour!!
  8. Thank
    Thank you
  9. I think I should call myself Mr.Black.

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  10. Welcome - nice bike.
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  11. welcome aboard :] and I agree with kevluxkevlux awesome colour
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