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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Marsrocket, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. New to this forum.

    Been riding for ten years... these days I have a non lams Suzuki GSX650F and a Harley Sporty... totally different rides...

    The Suzuki is Black and White with every sticker and decal removed... they ruined the look of the motorcycle with those crappy stickers. People look at it all the time because they can't work out what it is... Without the stickers advertising Suzuki and the crappy colored big F the bike looks beautiful. One of the best new machines to ride... absolutely silky smooth and sticks to the road like glue... Overseas they are very popular but for some reason not here... best bike for buck after I researched for a new bike over 2 years ago and the reviews were right.

    The Harley was built in 2000 and looks like it came right out of the showroom... amazing pick up speed and you know you are really riding a motorcycle when you have a 1200cc V Twin thumping away attached directly to the frame without rubber mounts... it's in classic black with heaps of chrome.
  2. Welcome MarsrocketMarsrocket, your bikes sound awesome. I'd love to see some pics.
  3. Thanks... here they are...
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  4. Nice rides.

    You're right about that GSX-F - it looks a lot more elegant without all the stickers.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Beautiful bikes!
  6. Yes, probably the worst decals I have seen on a modern bike... I also put white tape around the black wheels... my leather gear (jacket and pants plus riding boots) are all black and white as well... plus a black helmet... it's the complete black and white package... I like black and white ... my Corvette is black and white as well... then again, I also like black and chrome.
  7. Thanks...
  8. Oh dear, we have a gear matcher! :p just kidding (mostly)

    Because I'm a tight-arse, over the years I've ended up with mostly black, white and red gear (because they're the most common colours in the clearance bins). Then I bought a red and black Ducati, and now I look like one of 'those Ducati guys'. You know ... the ones who include espresso as a running cost, and whose breakdown kit includes a comb and hair gel.

    Could be worse, I suppose ... people could mistake me for a St Kilda supporter.
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  9. lol... yes, different personalities... well I will be 62 in a couple of months and I have reached that wonderful stage of life where the kids have grown up and gone and you have more flexibility and less worry of raising a family ... my girl got me onto the Suzuki two and a half years ago by saying why are you going to buy a cruiser again... we looked around and I saw the Suzuki and I couldn't believe I felt great on it... at my age, sometimes leaning forward all the time with the legs pinned back can get me cramped up, but after a few months I loosened up and I totally enjoy riding it.

    The sporty is a different story... again, my girl likes Harleys and so a little over a year ago we bought the sporty... now if you know anything about HD people, the sporty gets all sorts of comments like it is a chicks bike... it's a gay bike... all sorts of similar comments... I would only say that a 2000 built sporty is not the sort of bike you would necessarily want to ride, especially if you are into comfort... it vibrates like hell... even sitting at the traffic lights... after a couple of months I finally learnt how to ride the bike with double vision... yes it vibrates that much... but you will never experience a ride like it... it is a most incredible experience, and the sound is the sweetest I have ever heard on a bike.

    Over the last year I have worked on it so it is at peak performance... it takes off like a gun and cruisers effortlessly at the speed limit (110) and has much in reserve to overpass safely. You cannot go anywhere without people coming up to you and wanting to talk about the bike... I have the Brando gear for the sporty and gee it feels like you have gone back to another time.

    My girl goes everywhere with me so it is a shared experience.
  10. Anyway, enough about me... a Ducati... now that is a great motorcycle... do you ride often?
  11. Mate, it's your intro thread - it's supposed to be about you.

    Anyway, yeah it is a great bike and I try to get out as much as I can. Right now I've found myself without a working key (long story) so I'm off the road until I can get that situation sorted out.