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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by linda williams, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Hi!
    I’m not too new, been round for a while, haven’t posted till today, only sort of look to get the advice from the threads which is at times is totally invaluable thanks! Been riding about 2 and half years, and, at last, most of the time I even look like I have half a clue now!
    I was blessed with no actual talent at all, not even a small bit, I discovered on my learners permit, which I did managed to get just barley, got a bike three months later, and would take me an hour of stressing to even get round the block once to start with! Now I have a full license, and have done nearly 9000 ks so I can say I’m finally getting the hang of it, and might actually fool some people, that I can ride!
    I ride a 250 ninja 2012, yes a red one, a fantastic girl’s bike, and I can actually stop without jumping off the seat to get the foot down! Bonus was that I have always been totally in love with the ninjas since the 80’s, so this is also my dream bike, until I maybe one day I’ll get a bigger one, would have got a ZX6R but they stopped making the straight ZX6R’s last year, Shattered! Can only get the 636’s now and there too aggressive feel like I should have floties and start swimming!
    So might have to be a ZX10R, because they are totally hot looking bikes, but for now I’ll stick with my favorite, and its fast enough for now, surprised me how well it took a 900ks round trip on the Hume, in well over 30+ temps, never missed a beat!

  2. welcome aboard Linda :)
  3. hi linda are you hot?
  4. Hi Linda,

    I can so empathise with the "it would take me an hour of stressing to get around the block once" hehehe this was me when I first started!

    Glad to see you have started posting on NR. You must have some great riding down in your part of Oz?

  5. Hi Linda , suggest you take a 636 for a test ride. They're torquier than the 600 and the suspension is supposed to be more road oriented (while still being plenty capable on track) . And welcome to NR !
  6. Thanks for the post, got my bike last night and the thought of going around the block is making my tummy turn, glad to hear other people felt the same way. Iv had no experience what's so ever and did a day learner course walked away with my L's and it's taken me 4 weeks to get a bike, freaking out.
    If you can do it, I can do it :) again thx for ur post :)
  7. Red31 and Linda, don't feel too bad. I am sure we have all felt the nervous butterflies at some stage. They eventually get smaller.

    Don't let it discourage you. If you let it get to you it will make the riding all that much harder and less enjoyable. It does go away however, best of luck!
  8. On Sunday, picking up the ZX6-RR for the track.

    Welcome to have a ride :p

    Welcome to NR!!!
  9. Welcome to both you ladies! I'd not be too fixed on your first unlimited bike. If you have a budget, go round the dealers and gouge rides on as many bikes as you can. You might be surprised to find a new first love lurking in wait!