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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nick1234, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm from Central Victoria, and I am going for my L's on Friday.

    I'v got a shiny new Hyosung GV650 Classic ordered - should be great. Unfortunately its going to take a while due to stock shortages, but looking forward to it.

    I'v only ever ridden our Yamaha Ag 100 farm bikes, and a little Suzuki 125 dirt bike, so it should be a fair step up from them.

    Sorry for posting before introducing myself, I signed up to the forum ages ago, and only posted for the first time tonight. Didn't realize I was doing the wrong thing.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Welcome Nick. Good luck with the Ls
  3. Hi Nick. Welcome to the nut house!! I'm sure you will learn a lot from the Netrider community.

    I currently live in Ballarat. If you are ever riding around this way, let me know. I may be able to meet up with you.

  4. Hello and welcome, that 650 Classic is the better looking of the Hyo cruisers I reckon. I quite like a ride around central Victoria too, lots of great quiet back roads.
  5. Thanks everyone. I passed the test. Now i just need to wait for the dealer to ring and say the bike is ready. Hopefully wont be too long, but its out of their hands.
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  6. welcome to NR and congrats on getting your learners, I'd recommend getting an xvs650 over the Hyo, that is my opinion as I did ride the xvs650 before they were lams approved, it is your money, your bike and of course your choice :) enjoy which ever bike you ride :)
  7. Thanks,but I am going to go ahead with the Hyosung. Very happy with the dealer (which is probably half the battle) and I recon the Hyosung looks better than the Yamaha, and it is supposed to be heaps more powerful.
  8. main thing is that youre happy :)
  9. Welcome !
  10. I'm with you. Pennas are pretty good to deal with. If you want to go for a ride sometime, let me know - I'm on a scooter, but I'll ride with anyone.
  11. Just thought I would give a quick update in case anyone is looking at buying a Hyosung.

    My 2014 GV650 Classic arrived about 6 weeks ago, in which time i have done a bit over 3000 km. So far, so good. I made a rubber mudflap from the front, which seems to have stopped all the stones flying everywhere, and, as a result, the bike can now be ridden with confidencce on gravel and dirt at very good speeds.

    I am very happy with the bike, its quality, performance (although I am only able to compare it to the gutless old Yamaha AG100 Farm bikes), and Penna's (the dealer in Bendigo) seem to be very good.

    So if you like the Hyosung bike, i say go for it. Since getting it, I have had several people comment that they have heard good things about Hyosung from other owners. But this never gets posted on the internet. That said, 3000km is hardly an extensive test.
  12. Glad you're enjoying your new ride, a long wait but I bet you were smiling from ear to ear when you picked it up.

    3000 kays in 6 weeks is a good effort and well done for having the confidence to take it on dirt roads, a dirt riding background sure helps(y)

    Hope to see you join in on a ride sometime.....
  13. well i live on a gravel road, so i didnt have much choice there, but i dont find it a problem. except for really badly corrugated roads, or ones with lots of really loose gravel or sand.